My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
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6. Putting It All Together

Darcy's P.O.V.

I walked back in my room. I couldn't believe my brother could possibly be having a baby....I could become a aunt. My head was still spinning from that. This will only stress daddy out more than he already is.


I sent a text to Cody and I asked him if he knew his dads name. I wanted to get down to the bottom of this.


To: Cody Stiles

Cody, it's Darcy. I just wanted to know- I'm curious I guess...

do you know you're fathers real name?

-D. Styles <3

I waited for him to reply as I was sitting here thinking with my phone in my hand. He was going to think I was crazy on so many levels. And why was my dad so upset about his last name? Did he possibly go to school with a Stiles? Did something happen between him and a Stiles before? My text tone beeped and it was my Cody. A huge smile came across my face and I opened it and read.


From Cody Stiles:

Oh, hey beautiful! (: and I know his name,  it was Edward Stiles.

Is there any reason why you need to know? I'm not mad, just curious. Haha.



Oh, great! Now I can go ask daddy what the heck was going on!


I opened my bedroom door and ran down the hall to daddy's room. "Daddy! Daddy!" I knocked on his door. I heard daddy tell some girl Emily to hold on a second. "Yeah, love?" I heard him and I opened the door. I walked in and saw daddy laying on his bed looking at me as soon as I entered. "I know Cody's dads name." I huffed from all the running. I bent over and touched my knees . Dad raised his eyebrows "Breathe babe, and what is it?"  I breathed out and stood back up. "Edward Stiles." I replied. Daddy's mouth dropped instantly and he dropped his phone. "What?"

Daddy picked up his phone and held it to his ear "Rene'e, I'll call you back!"


Rene'e? Why did he just call her Rene'e? I thought her name was Emily?


"Rene'e?" I whispered. Daddy's eyes got big and he hit his forehead and hung up quickly. "Shoot." he got up and walked over to me. "Daddy, why did you call her mum's name?" Daddy moved me out the room and shut his door behind us. "Darcy, g- go downstairs and-" Daddy bent down towards the ground and covered his face with his hands. I knelt down beside him and heard him begin to cry.


I've never seen my daddy cry before, it was very weird.


"Daddy, you alright?" I asked as my hand touched his back and comforted him. Daddy got up quickly and wiped his nose "Get your brother, Darcy. And call Cody over here, I'm going to talk to you guys and tell you what's going on." That kinda scared me, I've never ever seen him that angry either.




I had called Cody and Jake and I waited on the couch for Cody to arrive as dad paced the floor. "Daddy, what is wrong? Do you know Edward?" I asked. He stopped and looked over at me and nodded "Yes, I do, Darcy!" he snapped. I looked over at Jake who was also shocked to see daddy that upset. Daddy knew him, so they must of had a fight of some sort, or something.


The doorbell rang and I looked at daddy who motioned me to get the door. I got up and walked over to the front door and sighed. I opened it and there stood Cody smiling at me with his perfect quiff. "Hey" I whispered and guided him in by the hand.

I shut the door behind us and walked back to the couch. My dad stared at Cody like a hawk. "You look just like your dad." Cody nodded "Yes, sir. I do." he sat down and looked at me and then back at my dad. "You even sound like him." he added. He nodded again. "Do you know my dad...or something, sir?" My daddy crossed his arms and nodded. "Your father raped my wife." he pointed at me and Jake "Their mum!" I felt my heart stop beating as he said that and I began to cry and I looked at Cody. Cody looked over at me and then back at my dad. "Sir, I-" I covered my face. "Sir, I was just a baby. I didn't even know my dad..." he said. I looked back over at him and wiped my eyes. That was true...


"Daddy, that wasn't Cody's fault..." my daddy turned around and shook his head. I looked over at Jake who was covering his face. I assumed he was crying. He turned back around and pointed at Jake. "And your dad raped my wife with my first born inside her." Jake lifted up his head and got up and went upstairs. I heard his door slam.

I stood up "Daddy! This is NOT Cody's fault! It was his dad!" I yelled. Cody got up and he grabbed my hand "Sir, I'd never hurt your daughter. I know my dad was a terrible guy and I don't want to turn out like that pathetic excuse for a man. Daddy looked at me and gave me a look. I looked back at him with tears in my eyes. "Doesn't that prove anything daddy?" I asked. Daddy looked away with tears in his eyes also and then he ruffled his fingers through his hair and sighed. " know what his dad did to your mother now." he shook his head again and then sighed once more "I don't want you to get hurt, Darcy."

"I won't daddy! I'm 16, I'm a big girl." I saw more tears hit his eyes as he heard me say that. That's not something a daddy wants to hear, but he needed to know that I wasn't 8 anymore. "Darcy is still my little girl Cody-" Cody nodded "I won't hurt her, sir. I promise you. I won't do what my piss poor dad did to your wife. And I'm sorry about that, too." he said. "Just give me permission to hang out with him, daddy. Please, be strong....I can do this." I cried.




Jake's P.O.V.


I laid in my bed and shoved my face in my pillow as I remembered what my dad said about Edward. It sickened me knowing I was barely even a fetus when all that happened. It made me want to hit someone. My muma was raped...I leaned up and clenched my fists together. I got up off my bed and paced my room and thought about what happened.


My mum.

Cody's dad.

Him raping her.

Her screams.


I slammed my fist into the wall beside me and stepped back and felt pain in my hand from it. "Oh my god! UGHHHHH!" I screamed. "GOD!" I kicked over my computer chair in anger and watched it fall over and hit the floor hard. I sat back down on my bed and held my hurt hand and lowered my head and cried some more.


I already had too much stress on me, more than someone my age needs.


I got up and changed out of my shirt and threw on my wife beater and basketball shorts and walked out of my room and downstairs. Cody, Darc and my dad were all still downstairs. I walked passed them "Where are you going?" my dad asked. "And what was the noise?" I didn't turn around, but replied. "Garage."


I walked out into the garage and grabbed the remote to the stereo and turned on Asap Rocky and Drake's song "Fu*kin' Problem" and I blared it. This song got me going, it was my song for football. I'd always listen to it before a game. It got me pumped.

I put on the boxing gloves and began beating the crap out of the punching bag.


Harry's P.O.V.


I heard the music blaring in the garage and walked out there and saw Jake punching the hell out of the punching bag. I sighed and rubbed my temples. I knew this was because what I told hurt him more than I thought it actually would. Darcy ran in by me and stopped when she saw her brother showing his anger. "Daddy, wha-" I stopped her from going any further. "He's just angry and he's listening to that song that gets him going."


Loving bad bitches and having effing could that possibly get him going? I don't know...


I sighed as I gently moved Darcy over so I could shut the garage door. I told Darcy that she could start hanging out with Cody, maybe I'd regret that, but he seemed to know how his dad was, so I trusted him a little. "I need to go call Emily back and explain to her why I called her your mum's name." she turned around and stared at me. "Yeah, what was that about, daddy?" she asked.


I was in deep shit for this. I already had 8 texts from Rene'e....I MEAN EMILY. Dammit.


"She just looks like your mum. I didn't mean to call her that." I said. Darcy narrowed her eyes. "She does?" I nodded. "Yeah, I need to go call her." I kissed the top of Darcy's head and walked up stairs to my room and called Emily.


Darcy's P.O.V.


I was in my room as I searched for a text tone and a ring tone for Cody for my phone.

I found "Grade 8" by Ed Sheeran and got it. I loved Ed Sheeran, my daddy was actually friends with him. Cody loved him and you know, it's hard not to like Ed. He was all around an amazing person and singer. I had all of his songs on my phone and his song "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" was my daddy's text and ring tone.


I set Cody's as he was still texting me. I loved texting Cody, he brought a smile to my face everytime he texted me.


From Cody Stiles:

You're so beautiful, Darcy Styles. In every way possible.

'Cuz maybe you're loveable, and maybe you're my snowflake. And your eyes turn from green to grey in the winter.

I'll hold you in a cold place, and you should never cut your hair, 'cuz I love the way

you flick it off your shoulder. And you'll never know just how beautiful you are to me, but maybe

I'm just in love when you wake me up.'

- Cody Stiles

I smiled as I read the text where he quoted Ed in.


To: Cody Stiles

Nice, quoting Ed Sheeran I see.

'My hearts against your chest, your lips pressed to my neck. I've fallen for your eyes, but they don't know me yet.'

<3 :P

-D. Styles <3


See why he made me smile? He was perfect.


Harry's P.O.V.


"Emily, you just have to let me explain this babe..." I said. She was very upset that I called her Rene'e. She wouldn't really let me. "Who is she, Harry? One of your sluts?! I bet she is..."




"No, Emily. She's my wife. Or was....she passed away!" I sat on my bed and hung my head lowly and I tried not to cry. "I just haven't completely let her go yet. She was the first girl I have to know that I will always love that women. She showed me a whole new world and gave me two perfect babies." Emily sniffled and cried a little more as she began to speak again. "I'm sorry, Harry." She said. I nodded and sniffled also. "It's okay, you didn't know. But that's why I want to get to know you more, Emily. I like you and I know I could feel more for you."


Did those words really come out of my mouth?


"Really?" I bit my lips and closed my eyes. "Yeah..." I answered. She was my Rene'e, but she could never replace my real one...never ever. She was the mother of my babies and my first love. I loved that girl more than anything and would do almost anything just to have her back in my arms. I wanna feel her against me again and feel her lips on mine again.


At night, I still imagine her beside me and her arms wrap around me and I can still feel her lips on my neck as she leans over and kisses it gently. That was how she let me know she wanted to make love to me. I wish I could make love to her one more time, I wished I could of before she went. If I knew she was before she did, I would of made it the best night of her life, one I'd always remember for her.

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