My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
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4. Everything Has Changed

Harry's P.O.V.


I waited in the restaurant that I was meeting this girl at. She asked me to look for her, she said she will be wearing a short sundress with little yellow flowers on it and with a brown belt around it. I waited as I drank some wine and looked at the menu. I didn't really like dating, I guess I just liked having someone to talk to sometimes. I didn't want to talk to the kids about it, I knew they had their own problems and I didn't want to bum them out talking about their mum and how much I still loved her. I just can't help but always think about what she said about 'god and his plan' before she died. Why would he take a girl who is loved more than anyone by so many and take her away when she was needed most. She had a husband and children, why would he? Was I being punished for something I did? Was it for all the girls I've hurt in the past? Once I got the love of my life, he took her away and made me suffer? I really don't understand it. Rene'e just happened to come to me when I was at my lowest and changed me. I never even appreciated her for that, and now I never will. I would of done anything just to show her how much I adored her.


I took a sip of my wine when I heard a soft voice asking if there was a table under the name 'Styles'. A man pointed my way and a girl with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes looked over and smiled as she walked over to my table. It was her, she looked so much like Rene'e...


I couldn't move up out of my seat, she looked JUST like her and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She stopped in front of the table and joined her hands together and smiled down at me. "Hi, I'm Emily. You must be Harry?" I couldn't pull away from her stare. It was like Rene'e was looking back into mine again and I could of swore it was her. She just didn't have the accent Rene'e did, the only thing that she didn't have that Rene'e did. I missed that cute country accent so much.


I broke away from her stare and smiled "Hi...Emily. How are you love?" I asked as I got up and pulled out her chair and helped her sit down. "I'm very good. How are you?" She was very beautiful and her voice was very very soft, like I felt as if I could fall asleep to it. She smiled up at me and I sat back down with a smile "I'm very well, thank you. I got you a wine, if you don't mind." She looked over at the wine glass and grabbed it. "Oh thank you so much." she took a sip and sat it down. Her blue eyes looked up at me and I was instantly lost in her eyes. I just hope I don't end up calling her Rene'e before the end of the night. "You're very beautiful." I blurted out.


Oops. I didn't mean to say that out loud, I thought I said it in my mind.


She giggled and I smiled as it reminded me of Rene'e' sweet and beautiful..."Thank you, you're very handsome, Harry." I nodded and chuckled "Thank you, Emily."  I said as I took a sip of wine and swallowed. I think I might of found a girl I was interested in for once.


Darcy's P.O.V.


I was at my locker and I was getting my book and things and putting them in my backpack. My locker door collided with my face and I dropped my history book. I held the part of my face that was throbbing with pain. "Owwww, what the hell?!" I looked up and squinted my one hurt eye. "who did that?!" a boy came over and sucked in air as he knelt down to pick up my book. "Oh my god, I am so sorry...I apologize. I need to watch where I'm going." I groaned and opened my eye back up and saw a gorgeous boy. He had a white shirt on, dark skinny jeans and black converse. He had pretty eyes and soft looking lips. His hair was in a quiff. He was so hot.


"Oh, that- that's quite alright." I smiled. He shook his head and chuckled "I almost took your head off. I'm so embarrassed." I giggled "Well, you didn't. I'm okay, honest." I watched him for a minute and then asked him a question. "Where are you from? You new?" He nodded and handed me my book and I took it. "I'm not from here. I moved here with my grandma and grandpa. They live her. I had to, my mom doesn't care much about me. I lived in Washington State." I smiled and raised my eyebrows "America! My mum was from America." He nodded and smiled and held out his hand. "I'm Cody." I looked down and grinned. I could tell I was blushing. I reached out my hand and shook it "I'm Darcy." I replied. "What a beautiful name..." I giggled once again "Thank you, Cody." He then kissed my hand. I gasped and blushed even more. "You're such a gentlemen..." I was shocked there was such a guy still around. He nodded and replied "I didn't have a dad around to teach me that either." He winked. I smiled and heard the lunch bell ring. "You wanna sit with me at lunch?" I asked. He nodded and we walked to lunch.




We sat down and ate lunch together. "So, what happened with you and your mum, if you don't mind me asking?" I didn't want to seem like I was being nosy or something. He finished eating his carrot and then replied, "Well, I guess she really didn't want a kid, I'd assume. I wasn't really planned. My dad just had this one night with my mom and she never seen him again which was understandable, he was a very busy guy. But a while back ago, he passed away. I was just a baby when he did." He lowered his head. "I've seen pictures. I look just like him, he looked so cool. I want to be just like him." I lowered my head and looked down at my peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. "I lost my mum when I was just a baby, too. I didn't know her, but I looked just like her as well. I miss her so much and I wish she was still around. It's hard growing up without a parent." Cody nodded. "Very hard." He looked very sad. 


My mum died, but his dad just left...that's gotta be hard.


The lunch bell rang and we picked up our stuff and threw it all away. I walked him to his next class, which was the last class of the day. When I walked him to it he looked at the class room. "Last class of the day, hooray." he gave me a beautiful smile and I giggled playfully back. "I hope it's a good one." I replied. He nodded and turned to walk into the room. "Wait!" I called out for him. He turned back around and walked back towards me. "Yeah?"

"I didn't catch your last name. What is it? Just so I know." I smiled. He chuckled at me and fixed his backpack strap "Stiles. Cody Stiles."



Jake's P.O.V.


After he last class of the day I found Grace crying, I ran over to her and comforted her. "Who's ass do I have to kick, babe?" that was what I assumed. She pushed me off of her and I grunted when she did. "What the hell, Grace?!" she looked up at me with tearful eyes. "Just stay away from me, Jacob!" I was so confused on what was going on. Grace shook her head and walked away and I chased after her.


I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into me. I held her in my arms tightly. I wasn't going to lose her, I wouldn't let another women I loved to get away again.


"What's wrong, babe?" I asked softly as she cried into my chest. She was crying very hard and I did not like seeing her like this at all. "I can't tell you Jake. You'll leave me." When she said that, I automatically thought that she cheated on me. I became even more depressed and held in my tears as I pressed my lips together and then opened them again. "No, I won't. What happened, Grace?" I asked. I was probably going to regret asking, but I had to know, it would bother me all day if I didn't.


I was afraid of the answer, very afraid. It could be the end of me and Grace as we know it, why else would she be crying like she is? She felt guilty.


I closed my eyes and waited for her to respond, she didn't . "Grace, if you slept with someone else, I- I forgive you already. I don't want to lose you babe, I love-" She pulled back and cried harder as she did. "I'm pregnant, Jake. And I don't know if it's yours..." I let her go and backed up into the wall.


Oh my god....I'm so dead...

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