The Werewolf Cub: Prologue

This story features Fianna Finchley travelling from our dimension to the Harry Potter dimension, with only a backpack full of the Harry Potter books and her stuffed wolf Moony and creating havoc.


1. Prologue Part 1

-------The Werewolf Cub------


She ran. There was nobody that could stop her in her decision. She didn't care if she was only nine years old, without money, without food, just she, Moony – her stuffed wolf, and seven Harry Potter books. They threw her out, so who was she to stay at that awful orphanage. She didn't know how long she ran, she just knew she ran. She was just like a butterfly, only without wings. She didn't even notice she had run into a city she once lived in. Oxford. She finally collapsed from exhaustion and looked around herself. Her eyes grew large when she took in the area.

"But…" she stammered, "I must have run for only a few minutes, how could I have run all the way here?"

It was strange, she ran from London for Christ's Sake! She hugged her plush wolf to her anxiously. Then, she caught a glimpse of a newspaper sticking out of a bin nearby. She looked closer and what she saw made her gasp.

It was year 1989!

"But…" she stammered again, "it was year 2012 when I ran away!"

She stood up and looked around herself. The city hardly changed from when she left it when her adoptive parents died, at least from what she remembered. She never knew her real parents – they both died in a plane accident when she was a year old. At least, that's what they told her.

She went over and sat on a bench and glanced in the air. There was a low rustle in the tree branches and a squirrel showed itself in its full glory. The girl smiled slightly and started to hum softly. A voice interrupted her trail of thoughts.

"What are you doing here, all alone, little girl?"

She flinched slightly and turned around to see who spoke to her. It was an elder woman. The woman sat herself next to her and repeated the question. The girl hugged her Moony tighter and answered, "I ran away."

The woman looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and the girl recoiled.

"They threw me out anyway, so why stay there?" she said stubbornly. The woman looked at her again, then said, "It just surprised me; you're such a small girl. How old are you?"

"Nine," she replied, "I'll be ten next month."

The woman smiled and said, "How nice. By the way, my name is Perenelle."

The girl giggled, "That's a silly name."

Perenelle chuckled too, and then said, "Yes, it is. And what is your name?"

The girl smiled brightly and answered, "My name is Fianna! Fianna Finchley!"

Perenelle smiled at the girl happily.

"Then you are just the person I waited for, for so long."

Fianna looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Really?" she asked sceptically. Perenelle laughed and said, "Yes, Fianna. I waited for you."


"Let me tell you a story first, what do you say?"

Fianna nodded and stayed quiet. Perenelle began, "A few years ago, it will be nine next month to be exact; a girl was born to a werewolf and a witch. They were desperate to hide their only child, as it was forbidden for a werewolf to have children."

Fianna couldn't help herself, "A werewolf? A witch? I thought they only existed in stories!"

Perenelle shook her head and answered, "No, sweetie, they exist, because I am a witch myself."

"Prove it," was Fianna's reply. Perenelle chuckled and pulled a stick out of her pocket. Fianna's eyes were in danger to fall out of their sockets. She curiously asked,

"Is that… a wand?"

Perenelle looked at her in surprise, but nodded nonetheless.

"Can you do the Wingardium Leviosa spell?" Fianna eagerly asked. Perenelle was now absolutely shocked.

"How did you know of that spell?" she asked with a tremble in her voice after she performed the spell.

"I read about it. I think the spell is listed in Standard Book of Spells, Chapter Seven, written by Miranda Goshawk," Fianna started to realise something. Perenelle was now definitely white.

"But how did you know? I didn't tell you anything yet!"

Fianna smiled happily, "So you were telling me I'm a witch? And that my parents were a werewolf and a witch?"

She was quiet for a second, and then said, "I'm not stupid, you know."

Perenelle chuckled weakly, "Yes, I can see that. You are absolutely right."

Fianna smiled brightly, and then asked, "So, did I travel back in time too? I know it was 2012 a few minutes ago, and now it's 1989!"

Perenelle nodded and said, "Not only that, but to a different dimensioned world too. Your parents made an enchanted time-turner to save you. They sent you twenty-one years in the future and in a dimension where there were no witches and wizards, to protect you."

Fianna asked, "Are they still alive?"

Perenelle smiled sadly and said, "Yes, your father is still alive, your mother, however, died a year after you were gone."

Fianna was stunned for a minute, and then asked in a small voice, "Who is my father, then?"

Perenelle took her breath and said, "Remus Lupin."

Fianna's eyes were again in danger to fall out of their sockets.

"Remus Lupin! He's my father?"

Perenelle looked at her strangely, "Yes, you know him?"

Fianna stood up distraught and said, "Kind of. I read about him. He was one of the Marauders at Hogwarts! They called him Moony! He was best friends with James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew!"

Perenelle was now gasping for breath. That was all correct!

"How do you know all that?"

Fianna shook her head, "Can't say, sorry."

Then something clicked, "Your name is Perenelle?"

Perenelle nodded.

"Perenelle Flamel, the wife of the famous Alchemist, Nicolas Flamel, the only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone?"

Perenelle almost had a heart attack right there.

"Yes," she said shaken to the core. Fianna's eyes started to twinkle dangerously as she just realised something. It was almost as she was living the Harry Potter stories! They were true. She didn't know how, but it was true.

"Can I see my dad?" she asked tentatively.

"What? Oh, yes!" Perenelle stammered. In her six hundred and fifty-six years she still hadn't experienced something like this. Fianna practically jumped up and down with her Moony in her arms and her small backpack ready.

"Well, what are we waiting for then? I wanna see my daddy," she whined pathetically. Perenelle chuckled at her antics and stood up.

The Lupin Cottage was still a fairly young house. It was built after Remus Lupin graduated from Hogwarts and married his love, Rose Finchley. The first floor had three rooms: a large living room with a big fireplace, a few comfortable couches and one part of it was a library, a kitchen with all the necessary equipment and a dining room with a long table and benches alongside the wall. His friends often visited him for dinner. The second floor had four equally big rooms: one for Remus and Rose, one for Lily and James, one for Sirius and Peter, and one a guest room which was later made in a nursery. The basement had three parts: a room for Remus's transformations, a room that held all of Marauders prank stuff and the last one was the room that held all stuff of his baby girl. He missed her so much! There wasn't a day that went by without him thinking of her and how she faired in the future, or if he'll ever see her again.

Perenelle quickly made a Portkey and she was just about to tell Fianna what to do, when Fianna said, "How much time until it activates?" which shocked her again. She chuckled to herself and said,

"Fifty seconds, and I'll have to get used to your knowledge of the Wizarding World. One day, you'll tell me everything."

Fianna giggled and nodded. She touched the Portkey (which was a newspaper from the bin) and waited for it to activate. When it finally did, she felt a strange pull on her navel and she was lying on the ground in front of a small but nicely looking cottage. She looked at Perenelle, who whispered, "That's Lupin Cottage, your father's home. I still don't know how you got back here, but I'm glad I got this feeling. I can't tell you how pleased I am to meet you, Fianna. We'll meet again someday, I don't know when, but I'm sure we will."

She paused for a moment, and then said, "This is also the place where I must leave you. I did everything I had to do."

With that she disappeared with a crack. Fianna smiled, realising she just disapparated. She walked around the house on the backyard and saw a familiar swing. It was the swing her daddy made especially for her. She remembered how she watched him with interest from her cushion nest on the grass. She walked there as in trance and sat on her. She still clutched Moony to her chest when she started to swing slightly. The swing made a squeak and Fianna smiled. She was home. Maybe she made some wandless or accidental magic, like Harry Potter did when he vanished the glass in the Zoo or suddenly found himself on the school roof when he tried to jump across the garbage bins. Maybe she wanted to be somewhere where she was loved so desperately that she travelled back.

There was suddenly a squeak outside and Remus glanced up from his book. He looked through the window and his eyes opened wide. A girl was sitting in the swing he made for Fianna. He stood up quickly, not hearing the book falling on the floor with a thud. Remus walked out in the backyard as quickly as he could. He rubbed his eyes. She was still there, entranced in her own thoughts with a stuffed wolf in her arms.

A stuffed wolf?

He gave a stuffed wolf to Fianna the day she was born. She called it Moony or 'Mooey' since she couldn't speak that well yet at the time. He was just about to walk over there and ask the girl where she got the toy, when the girl in question jumped off the swing and laughed happily.

"I'm home! I'm finally home!" she laughed. Remus cleared his throat quietly and almost smiled when he saw her stop abruptly and stare in the direction he was standing. She stood there rooted to the spot when she saw who was standing at the door which led in the house.

She clutched Moony at her chest and gulped slightly, then summoned all her courage and marched towards her father, Remus Lupin. She stopped in front of him and looked up in his eyes. He was watching her wearily. His face expressionless, but she knew better. She giggled softly and looked down at her wolf, muttering, "Just as I imagined him to be, don't you think Moony?" and looking back at Remus. The man's eyes showed the shock, he just received, and Fianna noticed that his hands shook slightly. As he still didn't say anything, she sighed and said, "I knew you were quiet and calm in your school days, but I didn't realise you were mute too."

This seemed to shake the man out of his stupor. He chuckled and finally said something, "I'm not mute, as you can see."

Fianna's eyebrow rose as she said, "And that's all you have to say? No questions like: who are you, where did you come from, what are you doing here, how did you come through the wards, et cetera?"

Remus's lips twitched again and he said, "If you want to, I can ask."

Fianna thought for a second then replied, "Nah. Too complicated to tell."

She smiled at him as the corners of his mouth twitched again. He felt strangely at home as he listened to the girl's jokes. She really was something special. But he still couldn't make himself ask the most important questions. She seemed to see his inner struggle as well as his glances at her plush toy, and she said, "This is Moony, my best friend. My daddy gave it to me the day I was born, as he told me when I was a little girl."

Remus's knees buckled and he staggered to stay on his feet.

"What?" he huskily said. The girl continued as if she didn't notice his shock.

"He said that this is the only thing that will remind me of him when he won't be there for me. That Moony will be the only thing that will tell me how much he loved me."

Remus's knees now definitely didn't work. He slumped on the floor and his eyes filled with tears. Those words were almost exact words that he told his daughter when he had to send her away. He felt someone's hands encircling his neck and the girl hugged him tightly, shaking with sobs.

"I'm home, daddy," were her last words as she started crying. He hugged her back and clung to her as if there was no tomorrow. He couldn't believe it. His little girl had come back to him. He pushed her away slightly to look at her face and asked, "But how, you were supposed to stay in the Future Dimension forever."

Fianna's eyes were still brimmed with tears as she said, "I just wanted to go home, and I guess I did some accidental magic, just like Harry."

Remus's eyes went wide again.

"Harry?" he asked. Fianna sniffed and said,

"Harry Potter, you know him. He lives at the Dursleys in Little Whinging, Surrey."

His insides went cold, "How do you know about Harry?"

Fianna made herself comfortable in her daddy's warm arms and said, "I just know. I don't know how, I just know everything."

"Everything, you say," chuckled Remus. Fianna giggled too,

"Well, almost everything. Go on, ask me anything!"

Remus left go of her and said, "First, we should go inside, it's getting colder here."

Fianna smiled at him and grabbed his hand in hers and guided him inside. Remus let himself be dragged inside and had just enough time to close the door behind him as Fianna made herself comfortable on the hearth-rug. He sat in his armchair, picking the book that he dropped earlier and asked, "Are you sure?"

Fianna looked at him as if he grew three heads.

"Do I have to sign it to you?" she giggled. Remus's mouth twitched again, and he said,

"Okay, you asked for it. What is a Dementor?"

Fianna laughed at that.

"That's not tough, daddy. Dementors are guarding the Wizarding prison Azkaban; they are dark creatures that suck all happiness out of you. They make you relieve your worst nightmares, or memories. The only thing that can repel a Dementor is a patronus. You call the patronus with the words Expecto Patronum and if you have a really happy memory, a silver mist comes out of your wand tip, the happier the memory, the more shape the mist has. A patronus is unique to each person and it represents the closest thing to the person that casts the Patronus Charm," she finished proudly. Remus stared at her in disbelief. She was absolutely right. Fianna stood up and went over to Remus and sat on his lap.

"Don't ask, daddy, I already told you I don't know. I just do."

Well, at least what is in all the Harry Potter books, on Harry Potter Wikia and Pottermore, she thought slyly. And that is an awful lot.

They still sat in the armchair after an hour, just enjoying each other's company when Fianna asked, "So, will I go to Hogwarts too when I'm eleven?"

Remus smiled and said, "I don't see why not. You're a witch, and I know since Minerva personally told me that your name is on the list of students that are to go to Hogwarts that year."

Fianna smiled, "I hope I'm in Gryffindor, like you daddy."

Remus smiled too, and said, "We'll see. Now I think it's time for little girls, such as you, to go to sleep. We'll talk more tomorrow."

Fianna yawned and nodded.

"Goodnight, daddy," and she was gone. Remus chuckled to himself as he brought them both up and walked out of the living room and up the stairs. He was just about to open the nursery room, when Fianna murmured, "Don't wanna sleep alone," and opened her eyes briefly.

"Wanna sleep with you."

And she was gone again. Remus smiled gently and turned around and walked in his room. He pulled the covers down, placed the sleeping girl on the bed, pulled off her shoes and the backpack, and pulled the covers back up. He put a small kiss on her forehead and went to the other side of the bed, where he did the same, except there was no backpack and he changed in his pyjamas too.

He spent a few short hours just looking at his daughter. It was still unbelievable that she was here. It was also strange that she seemed to know things that she couldn't have learned about in the dimension they sent her to – it was a magicless dimension after all. Sighing softly, he decided to just go with it and when Fianna decided to confide in him, he would be there to listen to her.

Fianna opened her eyes and snuggled deeper in someone's chest. The person chuckled and hugged her closer, not wanting to let her go.

"Daddy?" Fianna's sleepy voice called.

"Yes?" he asked.

"I forgot to tell you something yesterday," she whispered as she recalled what happened yesterday. She knew that she had to do something about it. She didn't care if she changed what the books had written in them, she knew enough to know how to handle the changes. It wasn't important how much she changed, after all – the horcruxes were the most important thing. She knew she'd have to tell someone about them someday, but she wanted to have some fun before that and get to know her father better. She hoped that she could introduce him to Tonks sooner and that she'd get a little brother sooner than in the books. She knew that her voice was slightly shaking and that was enough for her father to pull himself up and Fianna did the same. She couldn't look him in the eyes as she said, "I know this is going to hurt you, but I have to tell you!"

She was a little hysterical now, and Remus did the only thing that he thought right. He hugged her again and whispered comforting words in her ears, until she calmed down enough to continue.

"It's about Uncle Paddy."

That was unexpected and he almost dropped her. How did she know about that? She felt him stiffen and quickly continued, "He didn't do it, daddy!"

"Do what?" Remus hoarsely asked.

"He didn't kill Auntie Lily and Uncle James and the Muggles and Peter."

Remus was having a really hard time understanding all that.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked her rather coldly. She shrank away from him and stood up of the bed. She should have known that springing the topic of Sirius on him like that would end up with him being suspicious, but it still hurt. Finally, she looked at him with pleading eyes, "Please, you have to believe me! He didn't do it! I know where the real culprit is! He's still alive!"

Remus was standing too. His fists were clenched and he willed himself to calm down. He asked, "Who was the culprit?" still not believing her.

"Peter Pettigrew," Fianna told him quietly.

"I can prove it to you!" she yelled at him when he still didn't look her in the eyes. That gave her an answer.

"What?" Remus shakily asked, "You can prove it?"

Fianna trembled a bit and shakily smiled and nodded. She turned around and went to the chair near the bed, picked up Remus's clothes and gave them to him. She was about to act Hermione for a while. All bossy and smart. It should be fun, if her daddy would allow her to play.

"Dress up and come down. After breakfast we're on our way to save Sirius."

She quickly picked up her backpack and Moony and ran downstairs. Remus stood there transfixed. Then he shook himself and pulled the robe over his head, tightening the waist band. When he came down, he could smell bacon and eggs. He quickly entered the kitchen and scolded his child, "You are not to go near the kitchen-range, you might burn yourself!"

Fianna shrugged and said, "Okay, but I did it for five years already, I don't know why stop now. And I like cooking."

Remus stared at her.

"You had to cook when you were four years old?"

Fianna shrugged again.

"Yes, we all had to learn that."


"Yes, the children in the orphanage."

Remus slumped on the nearest bench.

"You were sent to an orphanage?"

Fianna sent a small smile to Remus and said, "Yes, after my adoptive parents died; but don't blame yourself. You couldn't possibly know what will happen when I arrived there."

Remus returned the favour and sniffed the air again.

"It smells really nice."

Fianna smiled again and put the plate with eggs and bacon in front of him and another on the other side of the table. They ate in silence and when they finished, Fianna grabbed Remus's hand and said, "We are going to Floo, daddy."

Remus nodded, letting her guide him as he didn't really know what he should do. She noticed this and giggled.

"How you survived without me, I still don't know."

Remus laughed at this, "I didn't, that's what."

Fianna was touched at that and gave him a huge hug before grabbing some Floo powder from the mantle and yelled, "The Burrow!" before disappearing in the green flames. Remus followed after he was sure she was there. He landed on his bottom in the living place of a house he didn't recognize.


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