Dara is finally getting married!! She has dreamed of this ever since she was a little girl, and her friends (CL, Jenny, Minnie) have always supported her. But one tragic accident changes their whole lives-- they lost their memory.

Big Bang is the hottest boy band ever all girls fall for (Do not be offended this is a story). But the girls don't know them, not even before their accident. Big Bang are the witnesses of the girls' tragic accident and they help them remember. But even though the girls have the minds of a 5-year-old, they make the guys happy-- well, after the guys get used to their behavior.

But what will happen when the girls get their memory back? Would they still remember Big Bang? Or get back to their old lives?


1. Chapter 1



                         ~Dara's POV~


                         He knelt down on one knee, holding a tiny black-velvet box. He looked straight into my eyes and with a

                  smile, he asked, "Sandara Park, will you marry me?"



                       I remember when he proposed to me. It was the perfect night, under the stars, next to the Han River, next

                to the man I loved. We were on our 37th date (Yes, I counted) and have been together for about 2 years. I've

               wanted to get married for so long, and I'm more than happy that my family and friends approve of my engagement

               with Nicholas. He's the love of my life and that's never gonna change.



                    My friends, brother, and I are shopping for my new wedding dress. My parents, as much as they wanted to 

              go, have important business meetings to attend to. My little brother, Sammy, hates shopping but is going with me

              and my friends to find me a decent but pretty dress. He thinks my friends will go crazy over the dresses they think

              will be "perfect" for me, so he's going to be the judge(?) of the chosen ones. I'm just happy he's coming. ^_^



                 "What about this, Dara?" Jenny pulled out a ridiculously short and strapless white dress, which looks more

              like a romper, and it can barely cover anyone's butt. But I'm not surprised that Jenny would pick this dress, though.

             She's not a slut, but she wears short skirts and dresses. And believe me, I look better in jeans than a skirt.



                I eyed the dress once again. "Um, you can buy it if you'd like, but I'm trying to find a wedding dress, if you don't

           mind." I replied. She pouted, then turned to Sammy. "What do you think? Because I think it's cute."



               But Sammy just looked at her like she just asked him to strip. "What do you mean 'cute'"? He put air quotes 

         around "cute". "You think that piece of scrap is cute?! If my sister wears that, she'd look like a wh*re in her own

         wedding. So HELL TO THE NO!" He snapped his fingers in a Z pattern like a diva. 



             I chuckled at his behavior. He's been really overprotective of me, since he says guys are "drooling over me and

         my friends' stuff." I don't know what stuff guys are looking at, but judging by my brother's tone of his voice when he

         said it, it's pretty bad.



            "I can't believe nobody likes this dress!" Jenny complained and pouted. CL placed her hand on her shoulder.

        "Relax, it's not the end of the world. Now will you help Dara find her dream wedding dress? We only have the money

        for it and nothing else."



            Jenny sighed in disappointment but nodded her head. She knew CL was right, so she put back the dress in the 

        place where she found it. She moved on to place where they have mannequins. She then stopped at a particular

        dress. She gasped loudly and a bit dramatically so everyone could hear her. "OMG!" she pointed at the dress.

        "This is PERFECT for Dara!!!!"



           The girls and Sammy sighed and rolled their eyes. "This better not be another skimpy dress." Sammy said. When

        they saw what Jenny was pointing at, they gasped the same way she did.







                                              <Please forget about the writing on the bottom. I couldn't do anything to it>

                                           <It may not be the best wedding dress but this is all I could find that fits Dara>





           "Oh my gahd! That looks perfect!" Dara exclaimed with joy. This was her dream wedding dress: plain but pretty,

        just like her. Now she can match herself with her own dream wedding dress! "KYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!"

        the girls squealed in excitement. Sammy covered his ears in pain. "Aish! You girls are so loud! Let's just fit it on!"



         Jenny waved her hand around, looking for an assistant. "Yes, ma'am?" a lady finally came to them. Jenny asked,

      "May my friend try it on?" she motioned to Dara. The lady smiled. "Of course she may."



         The lady ordered a group of staff members to help Dara in her dress. They even put a veil on her and a bouquet of

      flowers. Once done with the finishing touches, a staff member said, "Alright, pretty little lady. You can show your dress

      to your friends now." Dara smiled and bowed to the staff. "Thank you very much for your help!" she thanked them.



         And when the staff opened the curtains that cover up the fitting room, the audience was amazed and shocked at what

      they see.They covered their mouths as they gasped. "Dara! You look so beautiful!" Minnie complimented her. Sammy

     stood up from his seat. "That's it! We're buying this one!" he said to one of the staffs.



         "It's a good thing I brought my camera!" CL reached for her purse. She rummaged around it until she finally found

      her camera. She held it up to her eye and said, "Smile, Dara!!"

















           CL looked at the picture. "Dammit! I didn't get the dress! Let's take another one." She was about to snap another

       picture when Sammy stopped her. "Forget it! I'm running late!" He turned to Dara. "Sorry, sis. I have to go, but I'm glad

       you found your dream dress." He pecked her cheeks. Dara looked at him worriedly. "Where are you going?"



          "I have to go meet up with my friends," Sammy replied. Dara nodded. "OK, be safe." She pecked his cheeks and 

       hugged him tight. Sammy shook his head. "No, YOU be safe. Who knows, there might be rapers out there."



          They broke off the hug. Dara chuckled. "Will you stop worrying?" she ruffled his hair. "I should be worried about you,

       since girls are checking you out too." Sammy punched her arm lightly. "Whatever. Just be safe." And with that, he left.



          The lady assistant came up to them. "May we deliver that dress to you, or will you take it home?" CL shook her head.

       "You can deliver it. We got more shopping to do, anyways."



          The girls paid for the dress and headed out the door. Minnie sighed in relief and stretched her arms out. "Finally! I 

      thought we were never going to find a dress!" CL looked at her watch and shook her head in disappointment. "Looks like

      there's no time for any more shopping. It's already 10 at night." She looked at the dark night sky. "We better go, or else

      Dara's fiancee will get worried."



         And so, they hopped into Dara's white range rover.




         20 minutes later



           "Are you sure we're in the right direction?" Jenny asked.  They've been driving in the middle of nowhere for the past

      20 minutes. And so far, all they could see is nothing but the road.



          "Nope." Dara shook her head confidently. The girls' eyes were so big and round, they would've fell out of their eye


      "We've been driving around for 20 minutes, and you still don't know where we are?!?!!?!?"



          Dara looked at the girls apologetically. "Sorry, girls. I wasn't sure where we were and I didn't want to upset you guys."

     She stopped at a red light. The girls glared at her. "Dara! You should have told us! We have GPS in our phones, you 

     know." They showed them their phones, and they indeed have GPS. Dara smiled cheekily. "Whoops, I forgot."



        The red light turned green. "Okay," CL looked at the GPS in her phone. "Go straight ahead." Dara stepped on the gas




          Suddenly, they feel a bright white light on their left. It came closer and closer and closer and................























        TO ME!!!!!!!!" Cole sang on top of his lungs. Before he guzzled down another mug of beer, Tyler stopped him. "Cole! 

        Stop it!! It's not even your birthday!" he grabbed the mug.



           Cole crossed his arms and pouted. "TYLER'S SUCH A PARTY POOPER!! he pointed at Tyler. "WHY DID WE HAVE

        TO BRING HIM?!?!?!"



           Tyler smacked his head really hard. "Because you'll have a huge hangover if I didn't!" Cole rubbed his bruised head.

       "Just because YOU DON'T DRINK," he pointed at Tyler, "that  doesn't mean I CAN'T!!!" he pointed to himself.



          Jyrell sighed and leaned his head back on the sofa. "Let's go back home before the panda gets any crazier." The

       boys nodded. Tyler nudged Cole, who just passed out. "Hey, get up!" he nudged him again, but the panda remained

       still. Tyler looked at Kyle. "Carry him."



          Kyle looked horrified. "Why should I carry him?!" he pointed at himself. Ian replied, "Because Jyrell, James and I don't

       want to."



          Kyle rubbed his neck in frustration. "Aish! Why did the panda have to get drunk?!" He put his left hand under Cole's 

       knees and his right hand on the back of Cole's neck.  He lifted him up higher, due to Cole's heavy weight. "You are

      SO lucky I'm helping you!" he muttered under his breath.



         After Kyle seated Cole in the car, Jyrell's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. It was President YG, their boss.





           "Yes, president YG?" Jyrell answered the phone.



           "Hello, Jyrell?" YG replied. "Where are you?"



           "We're heading home. Why?"



           "It's late."



           "I know, I know. Cole's drunk so we're bringing him home."



           YG shook his head in disappointment. "Tsk. That panda keeps causing me trouble. You guys hurry up.

           There are paparazzi everywhere."



          "OK, boss. Bye." Jyrell hung up.



         End of Conversation





          "President YG said to go home. Paparazzi are everywhere." Jyrell informed the boys.



           James nodded. "Let's go, then."  Then they hopped inside Jyrell's White Mercedes Viano.



         As Jyrell continued driving, they see a bright white light. Then suddenly..........................










          "HHOOOOLLLYYYY  CRRRAAAAAAPPPP!!!" Jyrell abruptly stepped on the brakes. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?"

       The boys (also Cole, who had woken up due to the loud crash) were also shocked at what they heard and saw.



         They saw a huge semi truck collide with a white range rover car.

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