Post Mortem

A girl wakes up inside of a package. All she can remember is a crash, a bang, and a scream. What she doesn't realize is that she's dead.


1. Package

I open my eyes, thinking I am back at home. I had the weirdest dream: a crash, a bang, and a scream. The scream was coming from me. What a peculiar dream! But when I open my eyes, I am enveloped by darkness. Where am I?  I am cramped into a tight space. Have I been kidnapped by aliens? All I can see is darkness. I try to put my hand out and I touch paper? Okay, so this gets even weirder. I come from a mysterious dream, then I wake up and find I’m trapped in something. I have had enough, so I hit the paper. After I hit it several times, it is becoming not as stiff. I finally brake through. I rise from my trap. I look down and I see that I was contained in a parcel?! That’s right it seems, a parcel held me. It has stamps and all. I look down to read the stamps. A picture of envelopes is on it, several ink printed words are on the stamp. They say Incoming Mail. I was the incoming mail. But where was I coming from?


    I look down the street and see rows upon rows of box houses. They all have parcels on the porches of the houses. If we are all parcels, who is receiving us? I decided to find out. I sneak around to look in the window, but there is nothing inside the house. Maybe it is an illusion so I knock on the door. Nothing happened, so I try the front door. It is locked. So what am I supposed to do? I hear a rumble in distance. I try to hide behind the remains of the parcel. I look pretty sad hiding behind a piece of paper but I don’t know what is coming. Wait, I recognize the sound: a car coming. Maybe someone will be in the car that can help me get out of this mad place. I am saved! The sound takes me back to my odd dream. I hear my car going, the sound of my brakes straining to stop in time. But what was I stopping for in my dream? I don’t know. I see the car in the distance, wait it is a van. I run out to the street and wave my hands. The van stopped. It is a mail van. A person gets out.

“You have to help me! I don’t know where I am.” I am frantic.

He stares at me in his mailman uniform.

“I can help you.” The mailman speaks in a monotone, he reminds me of a robot but he can help me.

“Thank you so much! So where are we.”

“I can’t tell you.”


“I’m sorry for this.”

I am still processing his last words when he grabs me. I start freaking out. What is he doing with me?

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