A Story about Death

Sophie Phillips is eager to discover just what happens when people ‘die’. She meets Ben and the two of them investigate the death and disappearance of her landlady, only to discover a mystery surrounding the missing landlord. Together the pair must face new challenges and risk everything in order to discover just why people disappear. And why no-one knows about the ones left behind.


3. Chapter Three

Ben looked at me in silence before standing up. “Maybe you’re right Sophie. But you know what? For now, all I have is thinking that she’s in a better place. So maybe for once, just for once. You try to ignore the little voice in your head that tells you that the science crap, and try and be a normal human being.”

Needless to say he was pissed, and I don’t blame him. The moment the words had left my mouth, I knew that I was completely missing the point.

“Do you wanna come and see my new place? I don’t think my tenants are in.” I offered, standing up to and giving him an apologetic look. He sighed and stared at me again. “Sure. But no more death talk?”
“Fine, just a couple of friends, watching some tv and getting way behind on our work.”

He grinned and nodded. So we went back to my apartment and did just that.


I picked up the post from the hallway and flicked through until I saw some with my name on. “Anything interesting?” Ben asked from half way up the stairs as I followed him upwards.
“Dunno” I replied, opening the letter “It says something about sincerest apologies and” Ben froze and turned to look at me. “And..”
“Sophie, who is it?” he asked, trotting down the stairs and placing his hands on my arms reassuringly. I looked up into his dark green eyes and then back to the letter. “Mrs Francis. My landlady…”

She had disappeared.

“Were you close?” Ben asked, after getting me upstairs and sitting me down. It was amazing how he could switch from utter sadness to completely comforting in seconds.
“Not particularly, I only saw her the once… She didn’t really like me…” I replied, staring at the letter in my hands. “I wonder why I got the letter…” I thought out loud, checking that is was addressed to me.
“Maybe she like you more than you thought, they normally only give those to spouse or family.” Ben explained, sitting beside me.
“She has a husband though…” I told him, putting the letter down and lying back on my bed. He flopped down beside me. “Maybe he’s gone too” he suggested, reading the letter himself.

“Well we could find out? Come on, let’s go and find him.”  I announced, standing up and pulling Ben up after me. 

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