The Life of Agnes: Angels, Americans and Agonising Agony

There are three things I love more than anything. 1) Animals 2) My family 3) My freind

In this book you'll find out about the day my best (only) freind came to school for the first time. And about how I found my soul sister in an African American girl from the past. (Who heard Martin Luther Kings speach when she was my age). You can also read about my younger brothers atempts at being a stunt man. (Ouch).


1. OMG it's Tom Jones (Or there about)

“And I say to him. I say. You can keep out of it buddy.” I yawned, and scratched my ear. Siting at my desk, drawing some random animal, earwigging in on the Oban twins gossip, is how it is every week day morning. (If you don’t count getting out of bed, getting dressed, having breakfast, brushing teeth, feeding pets, gathering books, writing mums shopping list, Mondays only, and going to the corner shop to buy lunch, only when we’ve run out of bread). In fact it was so much like any other day; I didn’t notice a knock on the door. I didn’t notice Mr Heston open it. I didn’t notice Mr Heston walk back to his desk, with someone in tow. I didn’t notice any of this until Mr Heston called out. “Now settle down class.” (A bit silly seeing we practically were settled down. Well we were sitting in our seats). “This is Tommy Jones. He’s new here so be nice. Now let’s who your buddy will be.” We have this buddy system in school. When a new kid comes someone from there class has to show them around, answer questions and, well be a buddy. “Ah here we go. Agnes Boleyn. You might as well sit by Agnes Tommy. Or do you prefer Tom?”

“Tommy.” Tommy replied. I liked the look of Tommy. He has brown hair which was styled in a strange way. Both sides on top of his head he had his hair shaved away. He wore black trainers with neon orange laces. Over his shoulder he carried a grey cloth bag. Though something told me it used to be white. One of the Oban twins leaned forward. (Kim or Kate I can’t tell the difference). “So is your mum a fan of Tom Jones?” she asked. “Yes.” Tommy replied. He turned to me. “To be honest. I hate having the same name as an old singer.”

“You should try having a similar name as one of Henry VIII’s wives.”  We laughed. Yeh I really liked this Tommy. I took my job as Tommy’s buddy very seriously. Not! We laughed and joked around all day. I told him the school had a reputation for attracting twins. “In our class there’s the Oban twins, Kim and Kate. They sit behind us.”

“Which one’s which?” I frowned. “I don’t really know. No one here knows. Then there’s the Celly twins. Big Ben and Little Lily. They’re easy to tell apart. Because one’s big and tall, and the other small and skinny. Then there’s the  Beck twins. Si and Mi.” Tommy grinned. “The Siamese twins.” I nodded. He wasn’t referring to two cats of the lady and the tramp. Si and Mi really are Siamese twins. Joined at the hip. (I’ve often wondered what it’s like giving birth to Siamese twins. More painful than having normal twins that’s for sure.) I ate lunch with him and sat with him in every lesson we had together. Just as we were saying goodbye Tommy suddenly asked. “Agnes. Are we friends?” I looked at him. “Yes. Yes we are.”   

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