Another day in the park

This is "a day in the park" from Dylan's point of view. Please comment what you think and check out a day in the park. Please tell me if you think I should do more chapters.


1. Another day in the park

     "There you go, that'll be one pound."

     "Thanks, there you go." Another satisfied customer. And anything I earn now is just extra so I can just relax and take in this great spring day. Sitting down feels so good. I love sitting on this bench, especially in the spring and summer. Looking out over the park scene really is like opening a picture book to the big picture on the centre pages. My last customer was running across the park back to her family, her newly bought pink balloon bobbing along behind her. I love seeing their little smiling faces, so innocent.

     Following the little girl with my gaze brings my attention to a woman, probably in her twenties. She's sitting on the curb about twenty metres away from me. Beside her is a big oak tree, never really paid much attention to it before. She looks sad. She lays back on the ground, seeming deflated. Closes her eyes. Why is she under that tree? Hidden away from everyone, away from the world. And why is she alone? I know it's not for me to say what people should do, but it's not usual to see someone like her by herself in a place like this. It's usually families or couples here. And she seems to be dressed up, high heels and posh looking shorts and shirt, not exactly what people usually wear in a park.

     I come here to make people happy, I don't think I could leave today thinking that someone could be sad and I did nothing about it. Even if I make myself look like a complete idiot I've got to see what's up with her. She might be perfectly fine but I've got to check. Anyway, she's probably already seen me and a grown man selling pink balloons doesn't make me seem like the manliest man. Right Dylan, big smile. Wait, why? She's not a little kid. I'm trying not to make myself look like a complete idiot. Oh no to late, I'm here and  can't shift my stupid smile! And why did I jog? What am I doing? Right Dylan, she's still got her eyes closed, sit down and compose yourself. There's no hurry. Actually there sort of is. I mean what if she opens her eyes and sees a big grinning idiot, staring down at her. Wow she's pretty. She's just lying there, her hair spread like a golden halo, framing her face. Strong features and bright red lips. The oak tree's branches high above cast lacy patterns over her perfect skin. I wonder what colour her eyes are? There's only one way to find out.

     "Hi" Her eyelids slightly fluttered before opening as if I'd woken her from a daydream. She then propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me, a confused look on her face.


     "Er, hello?" 


     "Did you just come over here to see how you could keep a conversation going by just saying hi?" No, she already thinks I'm an idiot. There goes that plan. And this silence is probably just confirming my idiocy. Think of something to try and recover the situation Dylan.

     "Aw you busted me! I guess there's no world record for me this time then. But now we're talking we may as well have a proper conversation. I'm Dylan." Please go with it.

     "Sarah." Yes she laughed, victory. I've got her relaxed now. She's shifted from her tense and confused position to a more relaxed and go with the flow one. Oh and she has the most amazing laugh. It's light and airy but not too fairy like.

     "Well nice to meet you Sarah and might I say how lovely you are looking today." I know that that's just a line the guy is meant to say but in this case it's 100% true. She's wearing bright red shiny high heels to go with her lips, grey shorts and shirt held in the middle with a thick black shiny belt. But I've already seen this from my comfy bench, all I really want to do is gaze deep into her eyes. So beautiful, hazelnut with lighter streaks running through. Bright and beautiful, sparkling with excitement. They're just like the eyes of children. They seem so innocent. So so beautiful.

     No, she snapped off the contact. Was I really staring for that long? How could I have been? It felt like a few seconds. 

     "So pink balloons, that's a strange thing to collect." She's tensed up again but I know what to do, just go with it like everything's normal.

     "I'm a balloon seller. Here have one, on me."

     "Haha. Why thank you kind sir." Yes, love that laugh. 

     "Are you single?" Huh? What? No! Why did I do that? It was going so well. I know I wanted to say it but not then! Idiot. Well I've got to go along with it now, what else have I got to lose?

     "Whoa! You're a bit confident aren't you?" Yes, my subconscious is and very annoying and has rubbish timing.

     "We'll it's kinda a package deal, it comes with my cocky charm and charisma." Actually that's not such a bad answer. Thank you brain.

     "That's a good enough answer I suppose. Yes." Scratch that,it was a fantastic answer! Back from the brink again. Or perhaps it's just this amazing girl who's given me a second chance...again. I can't waste a moment I just can't, got to go for it.

     "Well come on then." 

     "What? Where?"

     "Well first we're going to give these balloons out to all these kids and then I'm taking you for ice cream."


     "For our first date."

     "I said I was single not that I wanted to go out with you."

     "OK then, Sarah, will you go out with me?"

     "OK then... Mr Cocky."

     "You got that right."

     I love her so much and we've only just met! For once in my life I've been able to let my heart rule my life and say what I really want. I feel like a kid again, so free, so innocent. And it's all thanks to Sarah.



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