The Other Side of The Inbetween

Caleb James was born on the 18th November 1993. He was a 'beloved son' and 'treasured friend'. It says so on his Headstone.
He died on the 5th January 2013.

Now he finds himself somewhere he has never been. Where only the dead may pass. He is confused and scared and doesn't remember dying. No one does.

Here is where Valkyrie comes in. She tells him to make a choice. A simple choice.
Little does he know it will change his fate for the rest of eternity.

Maybe High School isn't the worst place to be.


1. Forgotten Things

It is dark. I cant remember anything. That scares me. I am a being, but I'm not sure what type.

"Caleb!" I hear someone shout. Who is Caleb? Is that me? Am I this Caleb person? I frown in the darkness, eyes trying to find the source of the noise but failing.

"Hello?" I shout back. At least it was supposed to be a shout. It came out as a pathetic whisper and I heard a voice in my head saying 'Stupid, stupid, remember what happened? You cant speak!

 I cant remember why I cant speak. Suddenly I am even more frightened.

"Hello?" I try again, and the voice answers, "Caleb! Caleb, please come back to us! Don't go into the light!"

I frown. Why is she telling me not to go in the light? There is no light here. Only consuming darkness. I try desperately to remember the voice of who is speaking to me and a name pops up in my mind.

Ginger. My sister. She has dyed red hair, brown eyes and the kind of figure that makes you want to hit any boy who looks at her. I have a brother as well, I recall, his name is Caelen. He has ash blonde hair and the same eyes as my sister. He is a year younger than me.

Why cant I get back to them? I wonder in horror. Why cant I go home?

I have to get back. I have to get back. I have to get back.

This darkness is swallowing me. I cant survive it. I'll be lost in this unending cavern of nothing forever!

"'Unending cavern of nothing'? That's new," I hear someone say, but it is different to my sisters voice. It is closer. Like she is standing right in front of me.

"Who are you?" I ask aloud in the same thin, whispery voice.

"I'm Ginger. Caleb. Caleb, come back!" It is Ginger who answers, but 'm not asking her. I am asking the other voice.

'Who are you?' I think instead. The person laughs lightly, and I recognize it as a girls voice. I frown again.

"I'm Valkyrie. Welcome to the Underworld,"

And then she appears in front of me.    


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