Your so pretty when you cry

Amy was a normal girl living in England, London, her friend Cindy had a cousin Harry who moved into the same block with his four friends. Harry takes a liken to Amy and she likes him back but she wont admit it because of Cindy, she doesn't what to do that to her best friend. But will Cindy really care about Harry and Amy when her and one of Harry's friends start to like each other?
Read to find out


1. Had me at hello

Eugh I groaned as I heard my alarm clock go off, it’s a Saturday and I have to get up at ten because my roommate and best friends cousin Harry and his friends, they moved in yesterday but Cindy wanted to give them time to settle in before we showed up at their door.

I groaned again and snuckled back into my sheets, hoping to fall asleep again but failing hopelessly because Cindy burst through the door just as I was getting comfortable.

"Get up Amy, maybe one of Harry's friends are hot" she said giggling a bit.

I laughed at her remark and then walked to the shower, I turned it on and put my hand under it checking to make sure the temperature was right, when it was I jumped in and let the water run all over my body, I made sure my hair was all wet, before I washed it with shampoo and conditioner and then I washed myself, I jumped out of the shower and wrapped my hair in a towel and then I wrapped the rest of my body in the towel.

I walked into my room and dug through my closet, looking for an outfit to wear, I found black leggings, a white top, red baseball jacket and red converse, I then curled my hair and put some make up on. When I was satisfied with the way I looked I walk out and found Cindy was ready too.

Me and Cindy were so different, she had blonde hair and I had brown, she had blue eyes, I had green, she had pink rosy lips and I had red rosy lips.

"You ready?" Cindy asked me, I nodded and then we both walked down the road to Harry's house.

There was a really cute curly haired guy out the front, lifting a box up, he's probably one of Harry's friends unpacking things to bring into the house.

I've never met Harry or any of his friends before.

"Hey Harry" Cindy called, Oh no, I thought Cindy's cousin was cute and hot, no this cannot be happening, I thought

"Hi Cindy" he said hugging her

"Hey Harry this is Amy" Cindy said introducing us, I smiled at him

"Hello" I said

"Hey" he replied holding his hand out for me to shake, I shook it and then he looked like he was about to say something but the other boys all walked out.

"Hey Harry is this your cousin?" a blonde boy asked

"Yeah this is Cindy" he said pointing to Cindy "And this is her friend Amy" he said pointing to me and smiling

"Hey I'm Niall" the blonde one said and I smiled at him

"I'm Zayn" a dark brunette with a quiff said

"I'm Louis" a brunette said

"And I'm Liam" said another brunette

"Hello" I said to them all and they all smiled in return

"Should be go inside?" Niall asked

"Yeah sure" the rest of the boys agreed before walking inside, Niall first then Zayn, Louis, Liam, Cindy, Me and then Harry, I felt something smack my bum and I was sure it was Harry, I turned around and saw a huge smirk on his face, I was right.

We all walked into what looked like a living room.

"Hey is anyone hungry?" Harry asked

"You cook" I asked shocked, I couldn't imagine Harry cooking but then I started to imagine him in an apron and then in just an apron, no snap out of it Amy he's Cindy's cousin, I thought to myself

"Yeah and I'm quite good at it" he said cockily

"He actually can cook quite well" Louis said and then went back to his conversation with Zayn and Liam, I couldn't help but notice Niall staring at Cindy and that made me smile, Cindy deserved a nice boy in her life.

"So does anyone want anything?" Harry asked again

"Yeah I'll have something" Niall said

"Of course you want something" Harry laughed before walking away down a room that must only be the kitchen.

"I'm thirsty" I said before following Harry down into the room.

I saw him smile when he noticed me

"Stalking me" he laughed

"No I'm thirsty" I said

"Sure" he said sarcastically

"I am" I continued

"Ok what do you want?" he asked

"I don't mind" I said walking over to sit down on a stool beside the kitchen island

Harry then walked over to a cupboard and took out a glass, before going to the fridge and pouring me out some coke. He then sat down in front of me and handed me the coke.

"Thanks" I said

"Any time" he replied

I couldn't help but study Harry's face while we were sitting here, his perfect features, his beautiful green eyes, his amazing cheeks that we rosy pink and then I found myself wondering what his lips taste like? I was staring at them and he noticed, he chuckled and I looked away blushing, when I was sure I had stopped blushing, I turned back to look at his face again, only to find his eyes were resting on my lips.

I bit my bottom lip and that seemed to send him over the edge, he leaned in, pressing his lips to mine, I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands found my waist. I deepened the kiss and then I felt his tongue trail across my bottom lip asking for entrance, I gladly allowed it and we fought for dominance, he won and he continued to kiss. Then I remember what I was doing and who I was doing it with.

I broke away from the kiss and Harry got up to finish making Niall's food, I walked back into the main room and noticed Niall and Cindy were pretty close, I smiled, she needed a nice boy in her life, her ex-boyfriend was a complete jerk.

I sat down and then Harry came in with Niall's food, he handed the plate to Niall and then sat down beside me, I than wanted to feel his hand in mine and the rest of his body against mine, I had to leave, I couldn't do this to Cindy, I want more with Harry but I know I can’t have more, he's Cindy's cousin and I can’t do that to her. But to be honest Harry had me at hello.

"Um I'm gonna go I'm tired" I lied

"Ok I'll come too" Cindy said standing up and for a few seconds Niall looked sad but quickly changed his expression before anyone else saw.

"Bye boys, it was nice meet you" I said smiling at the before starting to walk out

"Yeah nice meeting you" Cindy said and then she smiled at Niall.

Harry got up to walk us out and the hugged Cindy goodbye, she walked up the road towards out house and I went to follow when Harry gently pulled my arm back.

"What no hug?" he asked but before I could answer, he wrapped his arms around me and I couldn't help but wrap my arms around his tall muscular frame.

"Goodbye Harry" I said

"Goodbye Amy" he said winking and then he walked away, making me want more of him, wow this boys was driving me crazy but nothing could come of it.

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