Secrets will reveal

I'm that 'quiet nerdy' girl that sits at the back of the class with my headphones on and the world blocked out. Nobody ever approaches me because of the rumours that have spread about me. But I don't know anything as I've lost my memory, all I know is that I love music and that I am connected to an ancient dragon code. I'm the last alive and it is stirring inside just waiting to be released. But one day when I was walking though a forest I noticed a large stretch of water known as the 'Ocean' without thinking I closed my eyes and jumped in, when I opened them something was starring back at me...


1. The middle gate

I stood quiet at three large gates, each had a different anicent symbol. I turned and faced the middle gate and it read above it in Greek, 'You are the choosen one, the ancient Dragon you are the last. The last dragon will lose all memory the moment she/he enters this gate. Young Dragon you have chose wisely now enter at your own risk. At your own risk you will then eneter a riddle of your own memories, those that you really love will be kept, those that aren't needed will be forgotten. I have waned you now enter at your own risk.' I stood speechless at what I had just read then I turned to the left gate and above it in fire lettering it said,

'Ο Φοίνικας ήταν ένα επιλεγμένο κηδεμόνα, η ψυχή του κρυμμένο μέσα σε ένα θνητό αγόρι. Στην ηλικία των δεκατριών θα συνειδητοποιήσει ότι αυτός είναι επίσης ένας θεματοφύλακας ορκιστεί να προστατεύουν και να υπηρετούν το δράκο στη συνέχεια από τις στάχτες τα φτερά του θα αυξηθεί. Μη θυμώνεις αυτόν! Αυτό είναι ό, τι έχω προειδοποιήσει, σε χρόνο που θα βρει το άλλο κηδεμόνα και μαζί την προστασία του δράκου οι τρεις δεν είναι πλέον θνητός, αλλά πάντα αθάνατος.'

'The phoenix was a chosen guardian, his soul hidden inside a mortal boy. At the age of thirteen he will realise that he is also a guardian sworn to protect and serve the dragon then out of the ashes his wings will rise. DO NOT ANGER him! That is what I warn, in time he will find the other guardian and together protecting the dragon the three shall no longer be mortal but forever immortal.'

Then I turned to the right gate and above in rainbow lettering it read,

Πήγασος, το φτερωτό επιβήτορα επέλεξε ο ίδιος να προφυλαχθεί ο καλύτερος φίλος του, μέχρι την ημέρα που έφυγε. Η ψυχή του είναι κρυμμένο μέσα από ντουλάπα του δράκου και το πιο σημαντικό φίλο του, την ημέρα που αυτός / αυτή συνειδητοποιεί ότι η τελευταία ανατολική δράκος είναι ξύπνημα, θα ενωθούν με phoenix και τα δύο φτερά θα προστατεύουν και να υπηρετούν μαζί ως μία. Νέοι Δράκος μέσα στο μεσαία πύλη, επιλέξατε τη μοίρα σας.'

'Pegasus, the winged stallion chose himself to guard his best friend until the day they left. His soul is hidden inside off the dragon's closet and most important friend, the day he/she realises that the last eastern dragon is awakening, he will join with phoenix and both wings will protect and serve together as one. Young Dragon inside the middle gate, you chose your own fate. '

Then as I stepped forward I heard a deep rumbled voice,

'Are you sure?'

I blinked then replied

'I'm sure.'

Stepping forward all three symbols disappeared, I looked down and in front of me the Dragon symbol glowed brightly then attached itself to a tiara. I took the finished tiara and placed it on my forehead, the gates then automatically opened, I ran inside not wasting anytime, bright lights surrounded me and visions of the three guardians rushed passed me, the gates closed and I blacked out.

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