The Sister

A young girl named Faye runs away from home when her older sister tells her she could never live with out her family and that shes the worst wizard ever.Really Faye is a girl destine to save there home country.


1. Power

       "Faye!! come down and go feed the cows.We don't need to starve the animals." savanna Faye's sister yelled.

Faye was reading away, which that's all she ever did. Most wizards at Harvard School never really read the books they said it was just a wast of time.Faye read all the books she was the nerd.Faye put the book down and rolled her eyes,then ran down stares.Faye told her sister"why cant you do it your the almighty older sister." "because i am cleaning the leaving room smarty pants,so go" Savanna swirled her wand in the air then mumbled a spell. The coach rose then savanna vacuumed under it.

       Faye took her wand and made food appear in the middle of the cow field. Appearing spells were way above the level a regular 13 year old was at. But Faye thought nothing of it  for she just read it in one of her books.

As Faye was walking inside she noticed something in the forest behind her house, it made a bright red glow.She slowly walked towards it,but then her sister yelled for her so Faye went into the house.

"Faye i want you to clean the dished now" Faye's sister commanded  "Oh my gosh please you are a wizard to cant you do it" Faye strictly said but her sister just rolled her eyes and pointed at the full sink with gross and dirty dishes.But Faye stood her ground,with her arms crossed, she did not move a muscle.Savanna pointed her wand and the dishes.Then they began to do them selves then Savanna said  "if you don't stop being lazy you will never live out as a independent wizard." "I am not lazy! Its just you are the one that made the house and the dishes a mess.You had a party."Faye yelled out of anger then dashed out the window.That was wide open.

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