You and Me Forever

When a 17 year old girl named Mia flees from her abusive foster care family in Detroit and takes the first bus she sees, she ends up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania completely lost with no place to go. But with her intelligence and independence she quickly pulls her feet up and finds a room to rent out at a house owned by a friendly married couple. She enrolls at Timber Heights High school and finds a job as a waitress at a downtown restaurant called "Cœur De La Ville.'' At her high school, Mia quickly makes a good friend, Alyssa. When they decide to go out to a club one night, she finds herself in a terrible situation, but who comes to her rescue? None other than the most gorgeous, perfect Noah Lyons, one of the most popular boys at her school. Just when everything is turning up for her, a terrible figure from her past comes to haunt her and treacherous memories come creeping back.


1. Escape

''You come back here you piece of trash!'' I heard as I passed through the living room. 

I rushed through my rusty bedroom door and grabbed my backpack laying on the floor. 'This is it. The moment I've been waiting for' I thought. This was the moment that would decide my future, I wanted more than this, a better life. And this was the only way. I opened a window just above my dresser as planned and flung my backpack out on the hard cement ground. It was raining heavily and I could hear the thunder and lightning roaring from up above. As I heard the floor creaking behind my door I knew it was time. I kneeled down on the dusty floor and looked under my bed to find a baseball bat I had kept purposefully for this. Just when the handle of the door turned I snapped back up and held the bat unseen behind my back. In stormed my awful foster mother Karen with her devilish eyes and enraged expression. 

''Keep your hands OFF him you little slut!" she screamed. ''I was kind enough to let you into my house,'' - More like forced me into her house so she wouldn't have to do any of the chores ''let you eat my food," -if by food she means the dirty scraps she'd give to the dog ''let you have your own bed to sleep in,'' - Apparently a couple of old cardboard boxes flattened on the floor and the dogs old blanket qualified as a bed to her "and yet you just couldn't keep your filthy disgusting hands off of my husband, now could you? I gulped. ''COULD YOU?" she shouted directly in my face at a deafening volume.

''I-I, it wasn't me! I was minding my own business washing up in the kitchen when he comes up behinds me and starts feeling me up. I tried to get away but his grip was too strong, I swear." I protested with all I could. I knew by the expression on her face she didn't believe me one bit. She just couldn't accept the fact that her husband was a disgusting old pig. 

''That is not what Wayne said you wretched ungrateful liar!" She took a step forward in rage, pulled her hand back and smacked me across the face as hard as she could. The searing pain slowly worsened and my whole right cheek went tomato red.  She then pushed me down causing me to bang my head on the rock hard floor. Just as she was about to hit me again, I gripped the baseball bat, swung it right in her face as hard as I could and saw her fall to the ground unconscious. I slowly pulled myself up and almost lost balance with my dizziness. My head was spinning but I tried to walk to the window as fast as I could in case Karen would wake up again. I got up on my dresser, carefully got out the window and followed down a ledge big enough for me to walk on till I spotted dumpster I could jump onto. I hopped down on the ground,  grabbed my backpack and turned right toward a big metal gate. I gazed up at the tall gates. ''This is going to be tricky.'' I thought. I then pulled my old blue hoodie over my head and began to climb. It was wet and slippery because of the rain but I carefully climbed to the top and jumped down to the other side with no problem. I walked through the deserted, dark streets alone and afraid. I was afraid Karen or Wayne would come after me and take me back just to hit and abuse me more. I couldn't get Wayne's face when he was feeling me up out of my head. I felt so disgusted. I passed through many lonely streets until I reached a busy road. Just  a couple of meters up ahead was a bus station which was my ticket to freedom. The past couple of months, I had been dreaming a lot about taking one of the busses and ending up somewhere else, where I could be free of chores, my foster mother and father, the endless bruises and injuries I got from them and being locked up in that smelly, dirty house all the time. Anywhere else but here would make me happy. As I approached the bus station, a swarm of people surrounded me who had just gotten off a bus. I felt safer here. Out in public. I got on the first bus I saw and didn't even bother to check where it was going to. All that mattered to me was that it was away from this awful place. A part of me was still worried, Karen and Wayne would suddenly appear and take me back but just after a minute the bus door closed and I was off to a better future. I let out a sigh of relief and for the first time in a long time, I relaxed. I stared out the window out into the neighborhood I had been living in, and said goodbye to my past and all of the memories. Rain drops flowed down the window despite all of the excitement I was feeling, I dozed off with a calm spirit. This was the beginning of my new life. 

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