Falling in Fate

Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction.
Its about a girl named Mitsuki Uchiha. She was not always named this, but when she was forced from her old world (our world), into her new world (Naruto's world), she took the name so she could become a new person. One that was truly worthy to save this new world. (I'm not good at descriptions, so I personally think its way better than this gives it credit for. Well, the idea is awesome xD).


1. The New Memory

My minds blank.


What was I doing?


That’s right; I was walking home from school. There was this man; he said he needed help with some directions. I told him what he needed to do, and then everything went blank when I felt something hit my head.


Where am I now?


My mind starts working slowly. It starts shuffling through memories, trying to find out something, anything.

A new memory pops up. When did this happen? This is not my memory. Why is it with mine?


I open my eyes for the first time.

 I am new.

 I am improved.

 I’m a human body, but I was created without a mind, a soul.

To be implanted with another’s soul.

I have a mission.

To save the world.

 But it is not my mission. It is my soul’s mission.

When the soul takes this body, it will be like it was always here. My memories will be its memories. My cells will be its cells. We will be one.

The soul will come from the other world. The True Soul. It will save the world, but its body cannot come to this world. So They made it a body. That is me. I have no feeling. I am merely recording what I see, hear, feel, etc. I am preparing the soul to save the world.

They are scientists. In this world, they are Researching Medical Ninjas.

I look around the room. I see many different ninjas, running around doing different tasks. I move my hand, pulling them in front of my face. They’re pretty hands. Delicate. Smooth skin, perfectly shaped nails, no freckles in sight. I squeeze my hands tight into fists. Small and dainty they may be, but they are strong. I hope the soul likes them.

I look down at the rest of my body. It is also dainty and small. Smooth, pale skin covers the body; long, yet short legs; skinny yet muscular torso. And, well, not lacking in the bust either. Me, being without emotions or proper thoughts. I can say, for the soul’s sake later on. Me, the body, was created as a cute, hottie.

I look up at the closest and first person I see. They are watching my reaction to waking up, taking notes.

“The Body’s awake. We should record the message to The Soul now,” said that first person. “Watch us very carefully Body. We need you to see and hear this, so the soul can watch this as a memory when it enters you.”

“Soul, we don’t know your name, gender, or anything about you. All we know is we need your help to save our world. Soon, a villain will come, trying to take over the world. And only you can lead the heroes to save it. We don’t know how, but you will. Best of luck to you.”

I closed my eyes, remembering that memory for The Soul. I could feel the needle of the ninja entering my skin. I opened my eyes for the last time as The Body.


*End Memory*


I shiver as a get an idea of what happened.

I’m in a new body, one that is not my own.

I look down at my new hands. They look nothing like my old ones.

 I had a pretty hard life. My parents died when I was little, and with no living relatives, I was sent to the nearest orphanage. Since they were a poor orphanage, as soon as the child was old enough, they were helping out where ever they were told to. After they were legally allowed to work, they would be forced to get as many part time jobs as possible. If they worked hard, they were allowed to go to school. Since I was the oldest kid there, I was expected to do the most work, in and out of the building.

My old hands, rough from working hours every day, were nothing like this small, smooth hands that I controlled now.

I turned my head from side to side. It was an unfamiliar movement, yet it was familiar. I’m guessing it’s a side effect of having the body’s old memories.

I try to get a feel for my surroundings. I seem to be in some sort of small cave, just big enough for me to sit up in, and not long enough for me to fully stretch out in unless I stick my feet out the hole. I twist and turn awkwardly to try and look out the hole.

As I move, I feel my hair twist and get caught on a rock. I grab it and work it free. I look at my hair for the first time. My old hair was short and a light brown color, not pretty at all. But this hair, this hair is long, probably around my butt; raven black; and when I get my head near the hole, it seems to shine in the light.

I finally get my head out the hole, feeling a weird scraping on my back. Oh well, I’ll look into that later. I lean out and twist my head to look around outside, but before I get a good look, I fall.

There was no support under the rock I was on, so it just collapsed and fell, along with me on it.

I twist and turn as I fall, worried I’d die before I could “save the world” like the strange scientists want me to. But before I get even half way down, I feel muscle in my back work, and suddenly, my decent is halted. I look back to see wings growing from my back, keeping me aloft. Wings?!

Well great, as if things weren’t strange enough.

I experiment with my new wings for a little, but a gust of wind blew me off balance and I twisted to my back. Well, now I can’t flap…

I start falling again.

I fall

And fall

And fall.

When I finally hit something, my first thought is, “thank god its wood, that won’t hurt as much.” I fall through the wooden roof, splintering it and getting multiple cuts. Then I look up and see the room I’m in. It looks strangely familiar. It’s a semi-small room, pretty much empty except for a desk, some windows behind it, and a bookshelf. I look over to the desk to see a lady sitting there, looking over in my direction with a surprised look. I look over at her surprised too.

I know her.

Well, I know OF her.

She’s Lady Tsunade.

The Fifth Hokage or Fire Shadow.

Leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

All of which are fictional! Characters and places in a book, a manga, I love to read! How is this possible!

As a start spazzing internally, Tsunade has different plans then to let me go nuts in peace.

She quickly stands up and slams both her hands on her desk. “Who are you? Why did you come crashing through the roof?!”

I try to stand, but my legs won’t let me. I look down and find them under me and to the sides, sore from the fall and lack of use. I look up at her and think about her questions. “Those are good questions, but I’m not sure how to answer the first one. I came crashing because I fell out of a cave above here, and I just happened to land here. As to whom I am, well, I’m not sure.”

She looks at me, obviously trying to figure out what’s going on. “Can you tell me why you’re here? I’ve never seen you before.”

“Well, could you be more specific as to where ‘here’ is? I am in this room because I fell from that cave. I was in the cave because some researching medical ninjas put my new body there. They put it there because it was needed to get my soul from the other world and…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down!” she says, looking like she’s had a mental overload. “Let me get this straight. You’re not form this world, but another, and some medical ninja brought you here in another body because your old one couldn’t come here? Why would they do that?”

“To save this world.”

“Save it?”

“Yeah, that’s all I know. As to a name, well, it’s in another language, so I’ll just come up with a name later. Maybe I’ll have Naruto name me~! Oh! By the way, where is Naruto?” I ask excitedly. The Naruto Shippuden series was my favorite manga of all time. To be here, getting to see all the things for real is a dream come true!

“Well, he’s getting back from his trip with Jiraiya either today or tomorrow. Wait! How do you know Naruto and Jiraiya if you’re from another world?”

“Well, in my world, Naruto has his own TV show and manga.” I say, wondering how to explain it.


We stay quiet for a little, awkwardly wondering what to say next.

“Um… this may be a weird question, but do you know of anywhere I can stay? Since I’m not from here, I don’t have a home, or any money to buy things or stay at places.”

“Oh!” She says smacking her forehead. “Of course! Well, we’ll commission you a home. Do you know of anywhere you want to stay?”

I wrack my brain for a minute. Where would be good?

Another memory comes. Another one from The Body.


I open my eyes again.

More tests.

I get up, not waiting for the usual procedure. I walk around a little, wondering how long I was on sleep mode this time. As I walk around, I hear some voices. I decide to listen so The Soul has more info.

“You did what?! You created The Body by using the egg and sperm from the Uchiha?! Are you nuts?! Which family’s did you take?”

“The one’s with the two sons. I think their names were Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. ”

“So now The Body has brothers?!”

“I guess.”

*End Memory*

I open my eyes and gasp in shock.

Then, tears run down my cheeks.

I have brothers. Family.

Sasuke and Itachi.

I am an Uchiha.

“Um… well I know what you can call me for a last name. And I know where I want to live. It turns out that this body is the sister of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha. So I… ok, I’ll be Mitsuki Uchiha. And I want to live in the Uchiha Land, in the village.”

Her eyes widen in shock. She never thought this could happen. “Well… that can be arranged. No one has set foot in there since the slaughter, so it’s vacant now. Here’s a map. Pick any house you like. Also, here’s some money. Take it to get some food and clothes, that hospital gown is a little, strange.”

I take the map and money, and then leave the room. I look around, following the map, and find a clothing store.

I walk in and brows for a little. I find a few outfits I like. My favorite, the one I walked out in, was all black, with a shirt that’s collar covered my whole neck. It was a sleeveless shirt, and a skirt that came to a point at the bottom of it. It also had mesh, fingerless gloves that came up to my elbow, and mesh knee grips. Last, it had the usual ninja shoes, the platform with the support on the ankle.

I look at myself in the mirror for the first time in this body. I have long, white hair that came down to my butt; bright blue eyes that seem to almost glow; a small face, with cute, petite features; and a small and slim body, with an underlying hint of strength. I was probably no taller than five foot two inches, and I was so slim, people would probably look at me like I was a helpless little girl. I flex my muscles in my arms and legs, and I know I’m not helpless. I also search my brain and find that it’s stocked full of neat jutsus.

I leave the store and find a grocery shop. I go in and buy some food, loving the new aromas and sounds. I don’t know what this world looked like, because I never saw a map, but it’s close to how my Japan would be, and since I lived in the United States, everything was so new. Not to mention, a new world, everything was strange and exciting!

After all my shopping, I finally look for the Uchiha land. I follow what the map and signs say and I eventually find it. The Uchiha land is isolated, with a big was and a gate surrounding it, keeping out unwanted people.

I open the gate and walk inside. It was spookily quiet. Not a sound came from the area.

I walk around, trying to get a feel for the place. This is where my clan lived. I’ve decided to embrace this new body, and call it my own, along with everything that comes with it. And accept the family, the land, the emotions, and the responsibilities.

I walked through the land, and on into the residential area. I walk and walk until I come to the house I know was Sasuke and Itachi’s, before Itachi was forced to kill his whole clan. My clan.

I walk through the rooms of the house, hoping to find something of theirs, something that would make me feel a part of the family I never had.

After exploring the house and finding nothing of sentimental value, I went to the linen cabinet and grabbed a bed roll. I went to one of the bed rooms, laid out the bed roll, and lied down on it. I tossed and turned for a little, trying to get to sleep, but my mind was in turmoil.

How would I save the world?

Why would I save the world?

I’m obviously in the past compared to the anime/manga series, so would time follow the same course as the anime? Or would it change, change because I’m here?

I closed my eyes and forced my brain to shut down. Stressing over it would help nothing. I would find answers tomorrow.

And I slowly drifted off to a peaceful sleep.






Hey everyone!

Ok, this is my first fan fiction, so if its bad, please tell me!

I'm uploading pictures of how she looks and how her outfit looks, so check it out!

Now, I'm gonna say this, not to be pushy, but cause I really really want it!




All that snazz!

Ok, my rant's over.

I'll try to upload again soon!

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