My Life Story

Well, this is my life story, I was inspired by and it's 100% (maybe) true! No lie!


1. Chapter Numero uno (one)

Name: Sarahi Casas


Birthday: October 3

Hair Color: Brown :( GROSS!

Eye Color: Brown (also)

Hair Length: Uhhhh? Normal... well it's a bit past my shoulders

Height: 5'6" i'm a freakishly tall girl :)

How I would describe myself: Well, I'm pretty shy, awkard, funny, amazingly gorgeous!! hahaha JK! But usually I'm really active

Likes: Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Ray, One Direction, Lfe, cuddly animals, latinos, and my family, being lazy

Dislikes: Mean people, Walmart(hheheh), Cooked carrots, school (one more weeek!)

Where I'm From: Well, my parents are from Mexico and I'm American... So I'm latino

Favorite Food: Does ice cream count?? I like pizza, and chicken, and apple pie, but not together... That would be gross..

Prized Possesion: My iPod it's my life- an iPod4 yeahhhh

Favorite Song: Ahhh! Too many!! I like anything from Lana del Ray, and Marina and the Daimonds, and One Direction

Crush: Matthew;)

One word i would use to describe myself: awesome!

What I'm scared of: Demonic children...

Favorite Color: Turquoise

What I wanna do before I die: Go cliff diving ;D

Favorite Show: Awkward.

Favorite ice cream: Cookies 'n Cream

Favorite Drink: Apple Juice

Favorite Restaurant: I like Chinese Food!

Favorite Solo Artist: Lana Del Ray

Favorite Band: One Direction!!!

Weird Craving: I like orange chicken

Weird Habit: I always wear my hair in a pony tail

Fear: buried alive....

I don't know anything else what to put other than i'm a lefty and a soccer player.



















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