Lost from love

Aili has been friends with niall since they were kids. Aili was forced to move to the united states as a child and comes in contact with niall whhile falling in love with liam.


1. Back

Ailis POV

today is the day, the day i get to go to the one direction concert. i havent seen niall since i was 6 thats when i  moved, moved to the united states. im 17 now my eighteenth birthday is in exactly one week. 

"ticket, backstage pass, coat" i say walking down my stairs. i really think i need help though because i always say everything out loud. i know i know wierd right?

"bye love, tell niall i said hello" my mother says to me as i run out the front door.


"no more fans backstage miss" a very well rather large man wearing a yellow shirt with the word security written across it. 

"oh, well my apologies but im not a fan im family." i say rather confident and sure that he will let me through... which he does.

im very confused as i am walking down a very long hall way. its very bright seeing that the walls the floor and the ceiling are a very brightly shaded white. then i see it the sign with an arrow one direction. i keep following and following i feel like ive just walked miles then i reach the door and im very nervous and shaking at this point. i knock a couple times then hear.

"who is it?"from a british boy if im correct.

"im a leapercon bounty hunter." i anwser i hear a couple of laughs then the door swings open and i see four smiling faces. 

"come on in! weve been expecting you" louis says as everyone stiffles a giggle.

"wheres niall?" im kinda worried right now that he wont be here like in the building....

"THERE MINE!!!!" niall screams as he comes running through the door and freezes as soon as he sees me. "aili? is that really you?" he says as he pokes my nose and i wiggle it smiling. that was my answer that was are thing when we were kids. he wraps me in a HUGE bear hug spinning me around he sets back down and im pretty sure the room was spinning for the both of us. he hasnt stopped smiling since he new it was me.


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