People Think My Life is Glamorous (Book 1, Glamorous Life) (REWRITE!)

Katherine is the princess of Sugoiriku. She is also engaged to the prince of Eminsine, Benjamin. After having too much to drink at their engagement party in Eminsine, Katherine wakes up in bed next to him. A few weeks later, she learns that she is pregnant! How will Katherine break the news to Benjamin and Henry, let alone her father?!


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Being an only child was hard enough but throw in the fact that said child is a princess of a small country and that changes everything completely. Image is key. That’s what my mother always used to tell me as a kid. I have always been trying to keep my image. I’ve managed sixteen years.

My parents were the king and queen of the small island country of Sugoiriku. The founder, my great-great grandfather, loved the Japanese culture. He spoke a little Japanese and ended up naming the country what he believed meant “Great Land.” He didn’t know that he was wrong, though. He took the words for “great” and “land” and put them into one word. He never realized that Sugoiriku did not mean anything.

Growing up in Sugoiriku was fairly decent. Since it was a small country with only one city, everyone knew everyone else. Our sister country, Eminsine, was the same way. We all lived at peace with each other, war was scarce, and all problems were brought to King Joshua or Queen Valerie, my parents. They usually handled the issues directly rather than having others do it for them. Despite the dictatorship-type government, no one believed that someone else was more powerful than the other. My parents may have all the power and say in the country but they were nothing like dictators like Hitler. They did not kill anyone unjustly.

“Katherine, you seem like you have somewhere else you would like to be.” My thoughts were interrupted by the familiar voice of Benjamin, the prince of Eminsine and my future husband. I turned around, my pink and white dress spinning with me. The white at the top of the strapless dress was separated from the pink at the bottom by a black ribbon that wrapped around my waist and tied in a bow in the back. My black stilettoes clicked as I turned. I was now looking into the blue eyes of Benjamin. His light brown hair cut short and you could tell he was muscular under his suit. A crooked smile crossed his face as his eyes drifted from my face to my feet then back up again, taking their time over the dress.

“Eyes up here, Romeo.” I jokingly said, his eyes followed my hand as I brought it to my face and pointed to my light blue eyes. My gold bracelet fell from my hand down my arm until it couldn’t slide down anymore. My father gave it to me, saying that it came from my mother and she wanted me to wear it to this event. I agreed without hesitation.

Benjamin walked over to the balcony that I had been standing on and looked out into the darkness. “What were you thinking about?” He asked, his eyes remaining on something in the distance. I continued to stand where I was.

“Just how much I love Sugoiriku.” I said, looking down at the ring on my right left hand. It was a promise ring that Benjamin had given me on my sixteenth birthday to show everyone else that I belonged to him.

Benjamin turned around and looked at me. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He glanced through the door at the party that was continuing inside. I nodded slightly. This was our engagement party for the people of Eminsine. The one for the people of Sugoiriku was in a week. The marriage was scheduled in July, it was May now.

“Come on.” Benjamin walked over to me and placed his hand on the small of my back. I followed him back into his home.

“Where are we going?” I asked, keeping my eyes on the ground.

“My room. We need privacy.” I glanced up at him for a second then looked down again. I could hear the voices in the crowd being as judgmental as ever. They continued to ask why Benjamin chose me and what made me so special aside from being a princess?

After a couple minutes of the torturous name calling and questioning, we made it to Benjamin’s room. It was just as I had remembered it.

The room was white. Everything was white. The bed, the walls, the carpet, even the mini-fridge in the corner. I could see the alcohol on top of it and I knew what we were about to do.

As soon as I heard the door shut behind me, I ripped my hand from Benjamin’s. I marched over to the bed and sat down, starting to take off my heels. They were uncomfortable and I didn’t want them on any longer than necessary.

“Hey, I’m not happy about this engagement either. You heard all those ladies out there. I could have any one of them. But you’re stuck with me.” He walked over to the mini-fridge and loosened his tie. “Come on. Let’s drink.”

He bent over slightly and picked up on of the bottles and a couple glasses then walked over to the bed. I gently ran my fingers through my black hair. He held a glass and I took it from him. After pouring our drinks, he smiled and we clinked glasses.

“To our unwanted engagement.” He said.

To unhappiness. I thought and took a drink.


I woke up to someone knocking on the bedroom door. Sighing, I sat up and started to rub my eyes. I heard the door open and I looked at who was entering. It was Henry, my butler. He was in the tuxedo he wore for these events and had his same old expression on his face. I watched him bend over and pick something up off the ground. My shoes. Well, one of them.

I was at that point that I realized what had happened the night before. I had gone to Benjamin’s party, gone to his room, and we got drunk. And now I was waking up next to him. Naked and in pain.

Henry walked over to the bed where I sat and Benjamin laid, still fast asleep. He had his tie around his neck but his shirt was at the end of the bed. Henry placed a bag down on the bed and I looked up at him, mouthing a thank you. He nodded and started to clean up my clothing off the ground, keeping his back to me so I could get dress.

Henry had brought me a black dress that had a tiger’s growling face covering the top in white and grey. He also added in a pair of black open toe stilettoes with red underneath. I quickly got dressed and started putting my clothes in the now empty bag.

Once finished, I glanced at Benjamin, who was still asleep. I picked up my heels and walked out the door, Henry following behind me. Thankfully, Benjamin didn’t wake up. Hopefully he wouldn’t remember this incident and we wouldn’t have to talk about it after this. Not that it mattered. We were going to be married in a couple months anyway.

After Henry shut the door, I put on my shoes and we started for the door. The house seemed to be too quiet so I glanced over at Henry. “What time is it?” I asked, trying to walk as quietly as possible despite the fact that every step I took was amplified because of the silence.

“It’s five in the morning,” Henry did not look at me. He continued to walk, carrying the bag on his shoulder. “I knew that you would have wanted to get out of there before anyone was awake to see you.”

He knew what happened. That means that he knew what happened. “Don’t tell me father.” That’s all I could say. I didn’t want him to know about this. He wouldn’t just flip a table. He would flip our entire mansion. Twice. Henry nodded to me and I looked forward again.

Lucky for me, we made it out of the mansion and to the car without being noticed by anyone. Not even any of the workers at the house. Henry sat in back of the taxi with me. Since we had to take a plane back home, I knew that I had plenty of time to come up with some reason as to why I stayed over.


The plane ride was short. It was approximately an hour long. I had planned on coming up with some excuse by I ended up falling asleep.

I woke up on Henry’s shoulder. Despite the fact he was my butler, we had a very casual relationship, when my father wasn’t around.

He gently shook my shoulder to wake me up. I was a light sleeper so I woke up just by his touch. I glanced up at him then rubbed my eye, yawning. “We’re back to Sugoiriku, Katherine.”

Henry was actually one of the most attractive men I knew. He had cut his hair short a couple years ago. He hadn’t cut it since he came to our house after his parents died. That was thirteen years ago. I was three and he was five. He said it signified him completely moving on from his parents’ death, ten years later.

He looked like if he attempted to flex even the slightest, he would rip his suit. Luckily, he didn’t have to wear his suit very often. I told my father that I felt it was too formal so he agreed to stop making Henry wear it. He had a little facial on his face but it only added to his attractiveness. His deep blue eyes were always serious. He tried his hardest to never show me what he was thinking but sometimes he slipped up and I caught a glimpse into the magnificent mind of Henry.

I nodded and sat up, looking out the window. We were landed and I could see the guards outside the private jet. They were all standing in two lines, in black. I knew there were snipers scattered around the airport. It was always unnecessary but my father was always overly careful.

Sugoiriku was a peaceful place. No one hated it. Anyone who had an issue with the government spoke up about it.

I sighed and stood up. I really didn’t want to face my father right now. I was still hurting slightly and I just wanted to go home and go to sleep. I had school the next day and I needed to rest up. I’d need all the energy needed to explain this to my friends. The whole two of them.

Henry stood up with me and moved out of the way so I could get by. Walking past him, I caught a nose-full of his scent. It was masculine. He wore expensive cologne and smelled slightly of sweat. It reminded me of my father. Just as I thought that, I reached the bottom of the stairs off the jet and caught sight of my father.

He was wearing a suit and a grey and white striped tie. He had his black hair cut short and he looked as if he hadn’t shaved in a couple days. His blue eyes lightened up when they caught sight of me. He turned from looking at his lawyer to smiling at me. I gave him a slight smile and walked down the aisle of guards to him. He started walking when I was about five feet from him and took me into his arms.

He always did this. It would have been the exact same way if I had returned last night. He always dropped whatever he was doing to greet me when I came home.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, my chin being tickled by his slight beard.

“Welcome home, Katherine.” He said, tightening his grip around me slightly.

“Thank you, Daddy. Sorry for not coming home last night. Benjamin and I got talking and by the time we realized what time it was, it was too late to come home.” I felt Dad’s had raise from being buried in my shoulder and his arms loosen. I let go of him and turned around. His hands went to my shoulders as we watched Henry come down the aisle.

“Why didn’t Henry get you?” Dad’s deep voice spoke from behind me.

“I told him not to bother us.” I turned and looked at Dad, batting my blue eyes and flashing my innocent smile. He finally caved and changed the subject.

“Yuki missed you.” Dad dropped his arms and put one out to guide me away from the airport. “He wouldn’t leave me alone all night. I was ready to just lock him in your room until you came home.” Dad’s deep laugh made me smile.

“I’ve missed him too.” I wrapped my arms around Dad and walked with him. “I’ve missed you more, though!”

Dad laughed again and Henry managed to get around us to open the limo door for us. My father helped me in then climbed in after me. This time Henry rode in front with the driver. My father’s lawyer rode in a different car. I could never remember that man’s name.

The entire car ride home, I talked about the party with my father. Well, except for Benjamin and I having sex. The ride seemed shorter than usual. Maybe because I was excited to get home to see Yuki. Or maybe because I always had fun when talking to my father and time flew when you are having fun.

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