Being Indestructible

/ Being Indestructible /

It's all in the words.
Hope ya'll enjoy

(I'm danish btw)


1. If you can reach it, you can touch it, if u can touch it - you got it



I feel indestructible when I know I'm worth it. And i know im worth it when im asleep, because when im asleep - im dreaming. Feeling indestructible can be described in many thousands of ways. Some might compare it to being a hero. You might all know the story about the great Hulk, or Spiderman, those guys where named 'Heros'. Deep inside we all wanna be a hero, right? I mean. Dont come tell me that you never dreamed being a hero. Being a hero is like being a non-regular person, actually the oppisite of a regular person, why would we otherwise describe heros, as something unnatural? My whole point of speaking about 'being indestructible' is the word "dreams". There's many ways that can describe a dream, and feeling indestructible is one word - and it's my way to describe my dreams. Indesctructible contains alot of meanings. And each person got their own meaning about each word, because no human being is the same, and no human will ever be the same. 

The whole point of actually making this little great story, poem, you name it - is that everybody got a dream, everybody got a story, everybody got a goal, they wanna reach so bad, it might hurt. But you know what. That aint gonna stop anyone, who has this goal, this dream. Because every single person who strikes for their dreams, goals, and make them become reality are in my eyes indestructible. 

So don't you dare give up on anything in this  world, that you know you can reach. If you can reach it - you can touch it, if u can touch it - you got it. Don't you dare give up. Always feel indestructible 



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