All these words that I can't say

Re-uploaded, because REASONS!

Ye, some serious melancholy when I wrote this, but it turned out decent, so I'm gonna just roll with it


1. All these words

The words that lie in my head

Will not come out to play

All these words you need to hear

Are the words I cannot say


No-one is the same as you

And no-one can replace

Every day you still entrance me

With your beauty and your grace


When we first met, I guess

Was when I first felt the feeling

Even to this day your

Sight still sends me reeling


I check my phone just every time

I hear it make that little tune

Just to see if you’ve decided

To bring me from my daily gloom


I meet you late after school

Beneath the light of summer day

Then you tell me those awful words

Those words that you couldn’t say


You’re moving somewhere far away

We can be friends no more

Your words, they pierce me like a knife

My heart… it feels… so sore


We were the best of friends

And yet I wanted more

Now I want to speak my piece

But you’ve run out the door


What is this painful feeling,

That’s hanging over my heart?

Have you now abandoned me?

Have I fulfilled my part?


I still await my message

The one that comes from you

But you can’t come back to me

You’ve started again, anew


Every time my phone goes off

I check it just to see

But you didn’t send that message

You don’t care about me


Even now that I’m old and grey

I remember of that summer day

When cruel fate came, you went away

You left me in my dismay


The sun dwells over summer sky

And yet I’m still alone

Then, a noise at the door

And you’ve appeared once more


Now that I breathe my last

Accepting what may come to pass

This is it, my last day

Will you listen to what I have to say?

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