Of Deals and Undoings

'The Ripper', Kiria Golding, Tezz Reinard and 'Peeks' all have an interesting relationship with each other. But when forced to choose between friends, how far does your honour take you?


1. Prologue

Kiria sat eagerly listing to the storyteller and assassin. They called him 'The Ripper', and nobody knew his real name.   “Twenty years ago, three years before you were born, Kiria, someone else was created. Radiation bursts kill most people, but not all. Some subjects were able to survive intense doses of radiation, which caused them lots of physical pain and suffering, but they were able to survive. It was the tests of one special one, however, that made her crazy.”   The days are counted as they go by. Six months to the day. Kiria had no choice but to leave her brother behind. Some called her a coward, but she knew the truth. She wanted revenge. The corrupted soldiers forced civilians into fight on the front lines. They knew. They knew that they were doomed from the minute the camp was set up. She, and her brother, were bait. The MRG (Militia Round-Up Group) were now her target.   “The city of Kabal was a city of science. It was compiled of a giant laboratory that descended below the ground, and many outlying suburbs on the surface. It was the one experiment trying to recreate solar flares that caused issues in the town. Conspirators claimed it was a test, and the unwilling subjects of the suburbs were victims.”   Kiria followed a goal in life. Revenge. She was patient. She trained. Less hell-bent than heaven-sent – in her eyes; following a strict 'do-good' attitude. She didn't realise how short her life would be. She had black curls down to her shoulders and blue eyes that could shine without light. The respect she mustered by lesser ones, such as orphans or church-goers, made it hard for her to ask for help.

“After the radiation from the false solar flares had wiped out the majority of the population, the scientists came round to find any survivors. One survivor was very special indeed. She was codenamed P176K, though most people know her now as 'Peeks' – all she knows is suffering and pain.”   Over ambition and solitude are not a good mix. Kiria was on the run. Considered a deserter. It wasn't long before she was forgotten about – yet now, most of her links were only with the underground professions.   “ She is a mystery to all, not one person alive would be able to figure her out. Yet, one of the most amazing creatures you'll ever meet. The tests they performed on her over the next eight years tortured her mind. She was only a little girl, but scientists are ruthless. Her mind was twisted as every day went by. She is not someone, that the likes of you should get involved with. If you had the option.”   The Ripper. A dangerous man, one of the most experienced assassin's of the times, and yet a very loyal and just man. Very few jobs were too difficult, and only ones with good enough reason would be carried out. Though his limits could be pushed. He often hunted down notorious criminals and was therefore in good stead as his fame swept the land. Very few knew him personally, but the ones who did were lucky to have such a friend.   “ She was a tiny girl, still is. Looks as innocent as anything, most scientists would give up their life's work just to study her. I've had to protect her many times, though she wouldn't ask for the help herself. She has... special abilities. She can become invisible at will and can stare into your soul, while she cannot read minds, it feels like she can stare into your inner most being.”   Kiria and The Ripper had met, not long after her fleeing. She was seeking the skills of the back streets for the entire month she was hunted for cowardice. The Ripper had found her, and let her stay in his house for three nights. Though he was rarely there, he still kept an eye on her. She returned to him to hear his wisdom and tales whenever he was able to be found.   “ ...Peeks is a wonder. She never talks of what they did to her in the laboratories, but I'm sure nobody really wants to know. There's only one person I know who really knows the ins and outs of the scientist's world, and he is as corrupt as the rest.”
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