A Second Chance

"A second chance, a second chance is all I need" I thought to myself


1. Broken

*Abby's P.O.V*
"Get out of here whore!" Harry shouted
"I didn't cheat" I really didn't
"excuse me! I was out with Liam for your fucking birthday which is tomorrow dumb ass, and the only reason we are both laughing in that picture is because he was telling me some embarrassing shit that you did in the past" I said and took a breath, "but if you want to keep thinking I'm cheating your a fucking idiot" I walked over to get the presents, I got him a calendar with pictures of us in each month and a cat plush thing, I threw the presents at him and said,
"Here's your proof fuctard" 
I opened the door and ran, that fucking idiot thought I cheated? I thought we trusted each other...
When I reached the end of the street I looked back to see if he was running after me. I saw a blurry figure walk out, once I saw the curls I knew it was him, as I saw him get into the car I ran ever quicker. After about 10 seconds of running I heard a huge clashing noise, "boom!", I looked back and saw his car upside down, I quickly called '999' 
"Hello what seems to be the problem" the lady said
"My boyfriend just got into a car accident!" I panicked
"We'll be right there" she said and hung up
I ran to the car and looked for Harry. Once I saw him I pulled him out,
"Harry please, please wake up!" I said in tears,
No answer.
"Harry I'm so sorry this is all my fault" 
Just then the emergency truck came and I rode with him to the hospital. I called his mum and sister and the boys and told them what had happened. Once everyone had got here we all waited in the waiting room. The doctor walked in, "I'm sorry guys but I-I don't think he'll make it" I broke out in tears then the doctor continued "he asked to speak to an Abby?", "that's me" I said standing up, he walked me to the room and I saw Harry with tubes everywhere,
"hear me out" he said in a soft tone as I walked in, I sat down near him and held his hand, "I know I'm going to die, the doctor said I have already lost too much blood, but know this, don't think this is your fault ever, I will always be with you, I love you .... Forever and always" he said smiling, "Forever and always" I said smiling through the tears then "beeeeeep" the lines went flat on the screen and his hand fell out of mine, tear after tear, I felt horrible, just then everyone walked in and saw me, Anne started comforting me but it was no use, "this is my fault" i kept repeating in my mind but I had to listen to Harry. After they took Harry away I went back to mine and his flat and saw the calendar and cat plush on the floor, still crying I grabbed them with my stuff, I hung the calendar on my bedroom wall, those pictures would remind me of all the good times we had, I thought to myself, I put the plush on my bed, even thought it seems babyish, every night I would sleep with the plush next to me, it made me feel somewhat relieved.
The next day the boys did a twitcam, all of them were crying,
"I know you all have heard the news about Harry" Louis said
"We also have other horrible news" Niall said
"One Direction will be ending now, we've had our time, thank you for that, you guys are the best fans ever, but I guess it's our time to call it quits, "Hi we're One Direction and we're signing off the last time today" Liam said through the tears and ended the twitcam, I sat there crying, why me? Why am I so stupid, Why...
*Harry's P.O.V*
She walks in the flat, bags of groceries, mail in hand, keys hanging by her pinkie. I smile to myself, knowing that she never wanted anyone's help. She quickly tosses the keys on the counter and makes her way to the kitchen with the many bags. She sets them all on the floor and sighs. She starts rummaging threw the mail and she comes across a phone bill, she opens it, and analyzes it. She sighs to herself and places the bill and the envelope back on the counter. She starts pitting the groceries in the fridge, when she stops and looks at the phone bill again. She closes the fridge and pulls out her phone. I close my eyes and sadly look at her. I know what is happening. I want her to stop. I want her to prevent herself from ripping her own heart out, but I can't.
"Abby, please don't do this..." I whisper, having faith in her. She breaths slowly, looking down at her phone. She breaths slowly and dials a familiar number and I can hear my ringtone going off in the bedroom. She flinches at the sound of the familiar ringtone, but doesn't hang up. She waits, organizing the mail on the counter. I plead it doesn't happen, but it happens. 
"Hello! You have reached Harry! Well I'm sorry I can't come to the phone right now... I'm probably out right now, and I'm sorry. I might be out with the love of my life, Abby hahaha or maybe I just don't want to answer. Just kidding! That was mean. Anyways leave your number and message after the beep. Thanks! Love you! Or if I don't know you, sorry,  let's get to know each other. But if I do, Love you!" 
She closes her eyes trying to hold back the tears. I know what she wants. She wants to hear my voice, feel me there. She wants me to call her back but I can't. She calls me everyday, hoping that one day I will answer.
I cant.
I wish I could. I wish I could just tell her that everything's going to be okay, that I love her, but I can't.
"Hi, Harry..." She says, her voice shaking, I try to be strong, be strong for her, but I can't. 
"I just wanted to call to hear your voice" she says, tears pouring down her cheeks, 
"I-I just wanted you to know that I miss you..." she says sobbing. There she is, my love, crying because she misses my voice. I can't hug her. I can't talk to her. I can't let her hear my voice. I try, I try.
"Abs, I'm right here, don't cry..." I say hoping, praying that she will actually hear me. 
"I know you wont get this, because well... because... but I just wanted to let you know that I miss you so much. I can't go to sleep, I can't live a day, with out you on my mind..." she says trying to keep her voice under control,
"Abby I'm right here, I have your message don't worry..." I say trying to get her to hear me.
"I know your up there just" 
I look at her, her poor little body shaking with tears,
"Just make sure you're comfortable and happy, ok?" she asks choking on tears,
"Of course Abs, of course" I say trying to comfort her with my inaudible words. 
"I-I love you Harry, I love you" she says. She hangs up the call, blocking reality.
"I love you too Abby, more than you could ever imagine" 


If I should continue heart the story or comment, Thanks Lovelies! 
P.S. next chapter will be called 'second chance'

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