The 1Derful games - one direction/ hunger games fanfic

this is a one direction and a hunger games fan fiction - hope you enjoy - Avalanna (Ava) is a fan of one direction, not a mentally crazed fan like her best friend Carly Thompson. This year there will be a competition held. Not just any competition, a competition for directioners only. Its a fight to the death. How it works is the people who desperately want to be included in this once in a life time opportunity fill in a form to enter and they will pick the names out of a hat. the winner will get to meet the one and only one direction. what will happen when Carly enters Ava's name into the competition along with her own without Ava's permission?. will she be angry or exited? read to find out.


1. message from author

Please comment, like, or favourite if you like or dislike this movella. I would really appreciate your thoughts and what you think I could do to improve it. if you like this movella I would like it if you would check out my other movellas. I have one called "GEORGIA" which has 2 chapters but hopefully more soon I also have a movella called cherry blossom which has 1 chapter published SO FAR. any ways I going to stop rambling and start writing chapters which should be published soon. hope you enjoy. The first chapter should be up later tonight.

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