Everything has changed. A load of EAHLF's (Energy Adapted Human Life Forms) have taken over when everything is destroyed. Lilienna is forced to help the human race continue from where it left off when the destructive energy wave passes through. The normal routine of the people dying, then being saved is broken and the long road to recovery is ahead. But is the power plant the only place where the energy can be stored? Are there other places or is it UNSUSTAINABLE....


1. Nuclear

There was a faint rumbling outside. It was growing louder and louder, getting so loud you could barely hear the TV. I decided just to ignore it. It can't have been that important if no one was screaming, earthquakes were common here. But just then the TV channel changed by itself. It was very strange. This was not normal. I decide to look outside. Then I felt it. The rumbling. The TV changing. Everything made sense now. 

          Outside, the road and the houses were tearing themselves. I finally understood what the TV was talking about:  The remaining energy is depleted. Energy continuously flows from (This bit I couldn't decipher) new energy cannot be created and high grade energy being destroyed an economy based on endless growth is unsustainable. In other words, every one was going to die. The TV continued to blare out. I climbed the stairs to find that my parents had both died from being exposed to the energy. So how come I hadn't died? I had been exposed to it just as much as they were exposed. Now it was time to find out what was going on.

          I ran down the stairs at break-neck pace and shot out the door. From what I had heard I found out that energy was continuously flowing from some where, a place I couldn't decipher, and new energy couldn't be created. So something that made energy had obviously been destroyed and all the energy from inside it was rushing out every where. I didn't even know what that lady on the TV had meant about the energy but the first thing that popped into my head was nuclear energy and nuclear energy was created at nuclear power plants.

          On the way to the power plant I checked every house on the way past, most of them were ashes on the ground (no survivors there) but the ones that were partly destroyed and looked safe enough to enter, I checked for survivors and every house that was unsafe to enter, I just called. No-one. I was alone. How come there had been no screaming? I answered my own question, not enough time to scream, just die. Like every one else.

     How come I didn't die? Why didn't I die quickly and simply like every one else? I haven't even got a scratch on my body.

It was true. I wasn't hurt in the slightest. It didn't seem right.

          Walking along, I noticed so many upturned cars I didn't care to count and so much ash, you would have believed there had been a fire. But no, it was invisible energy.

     Nuclear energy. I corrected myself. It was a very long way to the power plant, I didn't even know what I was going to do when I got there. But then a thought struck me. Someone must stumble upon this town, and would have to try and figure out what happened. Then another horrible thought hit me like a knife to the heart. What if the nuclear energy was making it's way all around the  world? Was everywhere like this now? Was I the only alive? Of course not! There had to be at least ONE other person left alive in the whole of the world. That's billions and billions of people. Not every one can be dead, right?

          I couldn't think straight. I couldn't see either and it wasn't because of the smoke or ash in the air, I was crying; my family had died. I was the only one left in the whole world (possibly) and I didn't know what I was doing. I decided to keep doing what I was doing, besides, I was going to die soon any way. There was no food, no water, no nothing left. I might as well just try and get my self killed as quickly as possible.

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