Somewhere in the light I'll find you!

This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


1. My life

           Life hasn't been so easy since my mom and dad had pasted away in a car accident.  I am still suffering. I live with my adopted mom, Karla, adopted dad, Steve, adopted brother, Jeremy, and my actual sister, Rebbecca. My family except for my sister are all horrible people. My adopted mom, Karla is a witch. She never lets me do anything. She is the boss in this house and so I can't do anything without her permission. I don't even go to an actual school anymore. She had decided it would be best to just home school me. I used to have a an actual bedroom that was purple and nice but then Karla decided to put me and my sister in the attic and turn my old bedroom into a guest bedroom but its not like we ever get guests. When I first moved here I thought they where my dream family but except for my real mom and dad of course. That was until I got older of course everything had changed. I guess I'm not cute so they don't like me anymore. So now they treat me like crap.

           I have a tendency to yell at my parents for leaving me alone in this world with these people. My adopted dad, Steve isn't that bad of a person he treats me better than anyone else in this house. Only he's never home because he's a work-alcoholic. But I guess Karla made him not want to be home with us so who could blame him. And Karla is a drug dealer and works at McDonald's I think. Even though I don't like them doesn't mean I hate Steve it just mean's that he is someone who can be nice and other times he cannot.

              My adopted brother Jeremy is the worst of them all!

He's two years older than me and is a pervert to the extreme. Once I was in the shower and we have one of those glass sliding doors. So he kept trying to look at me and open the door. The reason why we have a door is because Karla is allergic to the shower curtain fabric.

                 I have a younger sister her name is Rebbecca Hannah Johnson. She is eight year olds and I love her to death. Even though Jeremy likes to torture her she sticks up for her self. She has blond hair and green eyes. She is sassy, classy, pretty, funny, thoughtful, helpful to other people, and most of all caring. When I get old enough I am going to get a job and get her and I out of this place. But not everything in this place is so bad. I have an emergency cellphone but I use it anyway to text my friends I left behind. My best friends are Hannah and Haley.

             Hannah is a seventeen year old genius and might I add beautiful. She has long dirty blond hair with brown eyes. Her height is five foot five. She is smart, funny, pretty, courageous and the most talented with marshal arts.  Now let me tell you anyone and I mean anyone would be lucky to have her as there girlfriend.

              I have another best friend her name is Haley. She is the one that helped me through it all. She is eighteen and has dirty blond hair with brown eyes just like Hannah just that her hair is a lot lighter. She always can make you laugh with her jokes. She is beautiful, funny, courageous, generous, a problem solver, and the most amazing person you could ever meet. She has a secret power that only I know about. She is a very important person to have around.

           Then you have me Hallie Marie Johnson. I should have told you who I was in the beginning like I planned on but I decided I should tell my life story first. Well there isn't much to really tell. I am five foot six. I have shoulder blade length hair and green eyes. My favorite color is purple and I leather. I have other friends such as Caitlyn, Cassandra, Ashley, Julia, Mason, joseph, and Jacob. A few of them are my protectors and I am theirs. We all share a bond. They are the only ones along with my sister that keep me sane and safe in this world. Now back to my life in 2013. 










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