The Death of Sir Private Peter

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! was all I heard. The shock raced straight through me and i couldn't believe what they had done. They had killed him, they had killed peter! I just sat there, not even taking notice of the soldiers trying to kill me! I just sat there with peter hoping, just hoping that he would come back to me. I knew it was a bad idea us signing up for the army. I knew it would end in death and look at us right here, in the battle field, one dead and the other one just . . . . . . . . . . . .

It all started when the army came to town, they said even boy and man aged between 17-49 would have to join the army or else they were a coward. That day was my 17th birthday and i thought this is my chance to help people. My older brother peter he was 20 and he was my best friend. I know that sounds childish but he was and i love him so much. Mam told us not to sign up, but we talked her round it, telling her that she can trust us!


1. Jamie

Hi my name is Jamie,

                                      I am currently in the army with my big brother Peter. We have been here 5 months and already Peter has moved up to Private Peter! He is a great commander to us troops and he never gives me a hard time ( mostly because I am his little brother). I knew going into the army would be a great experience and I was right. Until that night when it all turned horribly wrong . . . . . . . 

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