What Changed?

What was so different about me. Why did he decide to talk to me. What changed all the sudden. I thought to myself


1. Val Love Ford

Hey I'm Val Love Ford.

Anyways I'm 18 years young.

I have a brother he's 2 minutes older and he always reminds me. :P

I'm really sweet, shy and calm but I do have my crazy side.

I live in Cali with my dad and brother

Anyways before I bore you to death here's some of my favorite things.

Food: Anything except spicy food, Indian food, and Russian food.

Movies: Warm Bodies, Legally Blonde.

Color: Mint green and turquoise.

Likes: Skate boarding, Fashion, Makeup, Music, and hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: Drugs, Players, Vietnam toast, Liars.

Crush: Not telling ;)


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