*Jessica = me
*Sanne = Best friend

Jessica is on a world trip with her best friend Sanne. She's really having a good time so far .. But is still missing that 'One thing' or if you rather call it that 'One GUY'. She's been through a tough break-up before because her ex boyfriend ; Brad cheated on her with her own cousin ; Samantha ?! After then she just had to get away from everything and she always wanted to go on a world trip so that's why she decided to go.

Jessica and Sanne always have a weekly challenge so this time it was Jessica's turn. The challenge she had to do was not really something awkward.. (Not to me !) She just had to walk an hour with a huge bord that said 'FREE HUGS' so yeah.. WHO DOESN'T WANT A FREE HUG, RIGHT ? Anyways.. When the hour is over she would go to meet Sanne at Starbucks, but she isn't there.. So yeah Jessica is walking with that huge bord on her side 'till some random guy bumped into her.. He had amazing curly brown hair, gorgeous green eyes ...


1. Free hugs

I let the bord which said 'FREE HUGS' fall and before I even knew it, I fell down on the ground. "AUTCH!" "O god ! I'm so sorry ! Are you okay ??" the curly boy asked worried "Does it looks like I'm OKAY ?" "Uhm.. Yeah. I'm really sorry. Let me help you !" he helped me up and that was the first time I looked at him, face to face. I looked into his eyes and I already felt like I was drowning *sigh*. "So would you like to go with me ?" I looked confused at him "Huh. What ?" I totally didn't hear what he had said because I was to busy drowning into his gorgeous eyes. He grinned "I asked if you would like to go drink some Starbucks with me ? To make it up to you !" "Owhhh ! Uh I don't know if I should." I blushed. "Oh come on ? I'll pay." "Well in that case, I guess we're going right now ?" he chuckled and we walked Starbucks in.


When we finally sit at a table with our large Starbucks he said "Hey ! I still haven't catch your name ?" I smiled "It's Jessica" "Such a beautiful name. *whispers : * "for a beautiful girl"  when I coughed the Starbucks out of my lungs "What did you say ?" I asked with a frown "That you have a beautiful name, Jessica !" "No ! What you said after that ?" he grinned "I said nothing after that ?" he tried to act like he didn't know what I was talking about but he's not a very good actor ! "Oh come on ! Just repeat it ? I want to make sure you really said what I thought you said" I grinned. "I'm Harry ! By the way." "HEY ! DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT !" we both laughed. "Can I have your phone ? I have too call someone but.." "Let me guess.. Harry forgot his phone ?" "WOW ! You can read my mind !?" I laughed and gave him my phone. While he used it I took a sip of my delicious latte and looked out the window 'till I got interrupted by Harry "Here you can have your phone back now, no one is answering though." I frowned "That was quick ?" "Yeah ?" he said with a huge grin. "So.. Jessica, what were you actually doing before.. yeah.. you know I bumped into you." "Well I did my weekly challenge. And I was finished with that so I walked and then you let me fall !" I said sarcasticly. "HEY ! I can't help it you fall for me !" we laughed. "But anyways, what was that weekly challenge about ?" "Owh I had to walk with a bord which says 'FREE HUGS' for an hour long" I smiled. "Owh in that case, where is my free hug then!?" "I'm sorry Harry that offer is already expired" I chuckled. "Pleaseee !" he looked at me with those irrisistible puppy eyes. "STOP !" I looked away but then Harry turned to the other side "Pleaseee !" He asked again "OKAY FINE ! But stop those puppy eyes, STOP IT !" Harry smiled cheekily "I know you couldn't resist my puppy eyes !" he hugged me while grinning. Then his phone rang "Hello ?" "YOU'RE LATE HAZZ ! AND WHERE IS THE STARBUCKS YOU WOULD BRING OVER !?" I heard someone yelling through the phone "Yeah, I'm sorry Lou. I'm on my way now ! Bye." he hungs up. "You have a phone ?! Why'd you have to pick mine ?" The only thing he did was smiling that cheekily smile only he could do. "I have to go now Jessica but I'd love to hang out with you sometime !" He gave me a last hug, grabbed the other Starbucks of the desk and looked over again to me "Bye Jessica, see you soon !" "Bye Harry !" he walked out the door. I just sat there sighing. I just met Harry and not just Harry but the one and only Harry Styles ! But honestly it didn't felt that special.. It was fun and not awkward or something. But what did he meant when he said that he would see me soon ? I didn't even had his number ? A few minutes after I asked myself that question I heard my ringtone play which said I recieved a text message. I opened it and saw the name "Harry the guy you literally fall for" I chuckled and read the message that said "Thanks for using your phone to put my number in, beautiful. Hope you like the name ! And yeah. What I said after you had a beautiful name ? "For a beautiful girl" xx Harry" the message made me blush and I read it over and over again. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day, well.. That's what I thought.. When I walked outside I decided to walk the shortest way to the hotel where Sanne probably would be, so I walked through the parc. I just kept thinking about the message that made me smile like an idiot 'till I saw someone familiar. Owh NO, let it not be him I prayed to myself. But then the guy suddenly turned to look my way and started yelling my name "JESSICA !". Hell NO, it was Brad .. My ex who cheated on me with my cousin Samantha, what the heck was he doing here ? I just kept walking but way faster than before, pretending to not know him. But I exactly know that asshole who cheated on me ! "JESSICA STOP ! PLEASE !" I didn't think so, so I started running. After a while I stopped running because I was tired and also thought I already dropped him. I looked around and recognized the street, it was one street away to the hotel. But I was so tired.. So I decided to have a small break, so I sit down and didn't care I was sitting on the ground. Five minutes later I wanted to stand up to continue walking to the hotel when I felt a hand on my shoulder ...

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