One Direction Imagines <3

One Direction one shots :) request away xxx


1. Harry Imagine 1 have had an incredibly tough and tiring week at school, it's finally Saturday and you are ready to relax. You wake up on Saturday morning.

"Good morning sleepy head" Harry whispers, you sit up and look around, Harry is sitting on the edge of the bed, lightly rubbing your hand. You look at the clock, its 12:30pm already.
"Oh my gosh! Have I been sleeping for that long?" You ask Harry.
"Yes you have, but don't worry sweetheart, you've been exhausted lately, its good that you got a good nights sleep" Harry smiles, his dimples showing. You giggle. "Come on, I've got a breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen" Harry says, reaching out his hand.
You take his hand and he leads you through to the kitchen, while he dishes up the breakfast, you put on your slippers and one of Harry's jumpers.
"Here you go, gorgeous" He sets a plate of pancakes on the table, and pulls your chair out for you.
"Naaw, Harry, you are so sweet, thank you baby" You reply. He smiles and leans down to kiss your cheek.

Once you've finished you're breakfast, you take a shower and change into fat pants and your white woollen jumper.
"Y/n?" You hear Harry call.
"Yes baby?" You reply. Harry walks into the bedroom.
"I was wondering, if you wanted to have a movie day?" He asks.
"That sounds perfect" You reply. He runs towards you and scoops you up in his arms. You squeal a little, and he carries you bridal style, into the lounge. He lays you down on the couch.
"What movie would you like watch first, love?" He asks you.
"You decide" You reply. Harry grabs a DVD out of the drawer, and puts it in the machine. It's a movie called "Love, Wedding, Marriage" He comes and lies next to you on the couch, pulling you in close to him and making you feel amazing.
You watch movies all afternoon and all evening. Its a great way to relax and you just love Harry so much :)


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