I crossed the border. I have no papers. I have no plans. Music is all I have. I came here to help my brother back home. No one is here for me.
----One Direction-----


1. Train Cargo



 " Hurry get in the truck." I hissed, at Carlos. He stepped onto my palm letting me lift him up into the truck. He got in and helped me up. The pinto beans caused a slight sound. I felt a small hand squeeze mine. I didn't bother to look up, I just squeezed back. Aye di mi'! I thought. My heart raced, my palms started to sweat, and the lump in my throat grew bigger.

 I felt the train start moving. I let out a sigh. A tear hit my palm, it wasn't mine though. Another hit, then another. Carlos. I pulled him on my lap cradling his thin body. I finally calmed him down when a bright light started to shine through the windows. My breathing hitched. I heard Carlos' gasp. I covered his mouth with my available hand.

A click rang through my ears. Tears once again fell onto my hand. I prayed to the Gods, to have mercy on our souls. The door opened to reveal a man. He fit, probably I his 40s, and he had golden pocho hair. He had kind feature and light aqua eyes. His eyes said he wouldn't hurt us.

" Are you alright?" He asked, offering his hand out to help us. I nodded. Carlos looked up from my neck, trembling with fear. He whimpered. " I won't hurt." The man said. Should I trust him? My heart ached yes, but my mind screamed no. Yes it is. 

I grabbed his hand and stepped out of the cargo cart.  The sound of pinto beans falling on the stone floor echoed through the tunnel. " Who are you?" I whispered as set Carlos down. " I'm he Paul" he whispered. He bent down to Carlos' height. "Hey buddy." He said. Carlos grabbed onto my leg. I peered down at him. I shot Carlos a small smile. He slowly released his grip in my leg.

Paul had a smile start to form on his lips. " Im Carlos" he whispered, looking down at his shoes. I cleared my throat " Im Jessie.". 

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