The Truth

I hope this short story gets your heart beating fast, and if I get feedback I might add more! Thanks!


1. Speed

My hands brace on the cool plaster of the wall. I press my forehead against it, my chest heaving tediously. His footfalls echo around me, mocking my inability to escape. 

My fingers curl into a fist and I smash it against the wall before turning and breaking into a run again. 

My feet slap against the concrete, my converse squeaking louder with every increasing step. The end of the hallway is getting closer, splitting into a T. There is a right hallway, and there is a left hallway. Which should I take? Not to be poetic or anything, but I think the better choice would be the one less traveled by.

I'm nearing the end of the hallway. Muddy footprints trail along the smooth cement of the floor, then break left. So, I think to myself, he's done this before. Guess that didn't work out so well for his prey the first time. 

Five seconds before I reach the split.




When I reach the turn I swivel to the right, to end up slamming into a broad chest. My eyes trail up to see his glowing smile and shining fangs.

The truth?

Smoke and mirrors have done me in.

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