The Odd Pair

COMPLETED!! This is another Harry Potter fan fiction. In this, Harry's twin sister Hermione Potter reveals her deepest, darkest secret to her older, overly protective brother. Harry has a break down.

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. The Confession

     I steeled myself. I knew that I had to do this. Draco said I should be completely honest with my twin. He said that it would be better that Harry find out now rather than find out by witnessing it himself next week. I've always had a soft spot for Draco. And Harry saw that as my downfall, my weakest attribute. The one thing that could destroy us. Our brother and sister bond could be wrecked with the breathing of a few words. Nay, a few syllables. The one thing that I could never bear to do is to beak my brother completely. And…I was about to do just that. Fighting back tears, I walked purposefully up to my brother and said; "Harry, can I speak with you in private?"

     He smiled and, looking at me, he said to his friends, "Bye guys. I'll be right back. My sweet baby sister needs her big strong brother." 

     I swatted him on his arm and glared at him in anger. "Just because I'm younger does not change that we are in our seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry James Potter!" I instantly felt guilty. Knowing what I was about to do to him. My lightning bolt scar on my front shoulder started to itch as it always did whenever I got nervous. It was also a constant reminder about what the Dark Lord did to me and my family. 

     "Where are we going, Mione?" He asked as he followed me out of the Great Hall. 

     I didn't register what he said for a few moments because I had just locked eyes with Draco as we left. 


     "Whaa--? Oh. Uh, we're going to an empty classroom. It's just down the hall over by the swamp." I said. 

     I ushered him in and closed the door as slowly as I dared.  

     "What's this all about, Mione?" Harry asked as he sat down on a table. 

     I took a deep breath and knew that I'd have to do it now. "Harry... You do know that I love you, right? That I would never want to hurt you? That you're my brother and I would never want to destroy that relationship?"

     He looked at me sceptically and nodded his head. 

     "Okay. Well, I have to tell you something that I know for certain that you'll hate me for. And I don't want you to." 

     "Just spit it out, all ready!"

     "I'm in love with Draco Malfoy." I said rushed. 

     Harry looked away from me in quiet anger, his entire body suddenly went rigid with rage. "What is it you mean, Hermione?"

     I sighed and said, "I mean that I'm in love with Draco. As in kissing, hugging, hand holding."

     "How could you do this?! A SLYTHERIN?!" He demanded. 

     "Well, you remember how I still had to go home to my adoptive muggle parents' home for the summer?" 

     "Yes." Harry growled from between clenched teeth. 

     "Well, they sent me to a wizarding summer school thing for extra credits. And Draco was there. Actually, we were the only ones there. So, we were forced to interact with each other. And we had to share living areas. Much like our common room set up here. I had my own dormitory and so did Draco."

     "But the question still stands, why did you fall in love with him?!" 

     "Believe me, I didn't just fall and swoon for him like some normal girl. I was cold and cruel to him. But his veela traits came in while we were together. And of you didn't know this, they have to search for their mates mentally. And he…he learned that I was his true mate. And then he became overwhelmingly protective every time I wrote a letter to Krum or Ron. He would get so angry… It scared me half to death. And then when I tried to phone you, he broke the phone and all my quills and took my parchment and ink away. We had a very long talk and he explained everything. And from then on, we've been together. But… I didn't know if I was going to allow him to mark me…and I told him so." 

     Harry's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe it! He finally knew why he never got any letters from her throughout the summer! It was all because of DRACO!! The anger was rising inside of him to the point of boiling. 

     I backed away slightly, noticing the changes in my brother. "Harry…? Are you okay?"

     "Hermione… How did this happen?! My baby twin sister is… Aaagggghhhhhh!!!!" He punched the wall with brute force. 

     "Brother!! You'll hurt yourself!!" I yelled. 

     Just then, Draco burst in through the door, looking worried and disheveled. 

     "Draco!" I gasped. 

     He crossed over to me, looked at me and hugged me tightly. 

     Harry lost it. He didn't even pull out his wand. He decided to use Muggle Duelling and tackled Draco, pushing me into a table. 

     "How DARE YOU TOUCH MY SISTER! You FILTH! DON'T EVER GO NEAR HER AGAIN!!!" Harry shouted between punching Draco. 

     Draco's temper was being repressed, but I could feel it. (Veelas and their mates can feel each others' emotions and they can read each others' minds.) Harry was in danger, and he and Draco were scaring me. I knew if this didn't stop, Draco would be worse than he was during the summer. He would and could rip Harry into tiny little bits. He would go full out veela on my Harry!! 

     I got up and rushed to my brother, trying to pull him off of Draco. I yanked on his arm and screamed at him to stop. He didn't heed anything I said and then when I was trying to yank him off again, he slapped me across the face and then punched me, sending me sprawling across the room and into the wall. I could feel my arms being cut and the back of my skull being spilt open harshly. I knew that anything holding Draco back from destroying my brother would be gone as soon as he thought that I was in real trouble. It just flew out the window. Draco going completely veela on Harry was the last thing I could remember seeing before I awoke in the Hospital Wing. 

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