we meet again

Back before Niall went on the x factor. he had a best friend back in mullingar. But he didn't really wanna be seen with Aura, so he hid his friendsship with her. when he went on the x factor he told her he would contact her in every way possible but he forgot to do what he promised. what will happen if they met during a concert?


6. Wow

 Okay I know I shouldn’t have told him it that way I know hate me love me do what you want it was a mistake.

“ what did you just say?” Niall asked.

“ you heard me” I said.

I really hope he heard me because it was weird enough to say once, so I would appreciate if I didn’t need to tell him twice.

“but I didn’t know if I heard right, it sounded like you said you had have feelings for me since high school” he said and my face just became like a tomato.

“ I did” I said quietly.

“but why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

Well isn’t it obvious? For god sake he didn’t want to be seen with me back then and well now  he’s a famous pop sensation so why should I tell him? To be one of his groupies? Well I don’t think so. 

“ because I knew you didn’t want to be seen with me, and you had Holly ” I said.

“ why do you think I didn’t want to be seen with you?” he asked.

Well he never really told me that he didn’t want to be seen with me but he had holly and she was really jealous. Yeah I never really liked her or I did but that was before she became one of them. I mean before she moved school she was just like me, but then she started to become a bitch and that was right before she started dating Niall. She actually told me that Niall didn’t want to be seen with me because I was too fat and had no friends. Yes I was the kind of girl who wanted a few real friends instead of 50 fake friends, who would just backstab me like holly did.

“ Holly told me.” I said and looked down at my feet.

 “she did what?” he asked me.

Well if he said it to her then he would know but obviously she lied to me.

“she told me that you wouldn’t like to be seen me because I was too fat and had no friends, but it kind of help me” I said.

I mean I lost 25 pounds in one year, so it kind of helped me but not in a good way though.

“ how did it help you I mean for god sake you lost your best friend?” he shouted at me.

“ I was fat and I know it but it helped me to give me some motivation to lose some pounds and look at me now. Besides I knew we would talk to each other again one day but I didn’t know if I wanted to talk to you back then.” I answered.

“but I missed having you in my life and truth to be told the reason the management asked you to be my fake girlfriend was because I asked them to, because I actually l have had a crush on you since before I went out with Holly.” He said.

“you just said what?” I asked.

Was I being crazy or did he just tell me that he had feeling before he went out with Holly? What is he going to do now ask me out or something?

“ I said I have had feelings for you way before I went out with Holly” he said again with a huge grin on his face.

Then he started leaning in and I leaned in to. When our lips met it felt like fireworks I know it’s so cliché but that’s how I felt literally.  We could have sat there and been kissing all day but then somebody had to honk with their horn. Just my luck.

“Wow” I blurted out.

He just looked at me with a huge smile on his face, and then he turned his face to look at the road. Because he still had to drive me home. But this doesn’t look like the way to my flat.

“Niall where are we going?” I asked.¨

“ it’s a surprise and I know you’ll like it” he said.

I’m very scared because we have been driving for the past hour. Where the hell is he taking me? And did he even tell the boys?

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