The world isn't how it used to be. Nothing's right. No one cares. It's all lies. And everyday it pushes someome over the edge...


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I hugged my sweatshirt around my body as I walked through the brisk night. A few lights were working on the abandoned street tonight. Sometimes they're weren't any at all and I just walked in the moons light. I let out a huff as the air turned white in front of my face. l walked stepping in a puddle making the edge of my jeans wet. Why do i walk out here? To think, mainly. l have so many things in my life. Sometimes you just need to slow down and think. Even  if your life is absolutely amazing, you should still think about anything that you might be doing wrong. I used to be like that . l had an amazing life. Until one day my parents were killed. And the fact that I witnessed it still haunts me. l 

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