silent dreams

Candice has always been the quiet girl at her school. But when her parents tell her that they're moving, she decides that she isn't going to be the shy girl she used to be.


1. prologue

My name's candise and im not your average teenager. Im the type of girl who you know will be in school, have her homework done, and be ready for any pop quiz. I was cursed with mud brown hair, and having a lack of height. But luckily i dance so much that i have a small body, so i can blend in with the other kids and not draw attention to myself. Most girls spend time with their boyfriends and friends, but not me. I spend most of my time dancing or studying . Actually, i spend all of my time dancing and studying. I dont normally talk to too many people, only the teachers, really. And sometimes, it puts me as a target for the popular girls. But guess what? My dad got a new job, and we're moving to L.A.! I swear, once we move, its 'bye-bye to the shy candise i am now, and hello to a new and improved candi"

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