The Secret Deal

My dad abused me. My mom abandoned me for a guy she met at a bar. My boyfriend Chris cheated on me with a stripper. I have no friends. And now my only option is to run. While running I ran into someone that will change my life forever with a deal that could change my life forever.

Will I fall in love?
Will I make friends?
Should I have made this deal in the first place?


1. The Begining

When I was 10 my mom left me and my dad for a guy she met at a bar. Now, it's just me and my dad. I am now 16 years old and my dad abuses me. He started abusing me 2 years after he found out mom was getting married to that guy. I never really met him.. my mom says he'll leave her for me because I am a slut. I have someone well HAD someone that could get my mind away from my dad and mom. His name was Chris. He was my boyfriend but he left me because I wouldn't give him what he wanted. He is now dating Mary Kate,a stripper, he met at a club 3 days after we broke up. I have no friends because people say I am slut because Chris made out with Mary Kate, because they met at a club, and after that night she has been telling everyone that I am a slut. Which has nothing to do with me. It was her fault she slept with him.


I am sick of my life, SO I decided to run away. I left without packing up any clothes or anything. While running, bumped into a man with a black tux on coming out of a cafe. His coffee went flying all over the place, And stained his shirt. I was about to apologize until me and him saw a guy about 20.. 21  run past us and the man with a tux pulled me up and took my hand and we started running after the guy that ran past us. What the heck is going on?!?




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