This is a collection of poetry by me! Just gives a topic and I will use it! I don't to dirty though. If you are afraid of vivid images of spooks or other things, don't read it, just some common sense!


1. Mom


Mom they tried to beat me down 
But I didn't give up
Mom they treated me like a clown
But I wouldn't give in
Mom they attempted break my heart
But I wouldn't let go
Mom they tried to tear me apart
But I wouldn't break 
Mom they tried to push my buttons
But I would jam
Mom they tried to rid of me
But I'm here to stay 
Mom they tried to tell me I'm ugly
But I shrugged them off
Mom they tried to abuse me 
But I wouldn't put up with it
Mom they tried to hurt me
But I will stand strong 
Mom they tried to break me 
But I'm unbreakable

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