Ghostly love

Jazzy is a girl who wakes up everyday wishing she wasn't here, suddenly her wish comes true. Death can create love, or will it be to hard and dangerous for Jazzy.


1. My story

Jazzy's POV


Hi, my name is Jazzy and I live with my dad. I have lived with him since my mum was murdered. I remember it like it was yesterday.

*FLASHBACK* I was sitting in my room video chatting my best friends, Becky, Miki (Michaela), Sarah and Angel when I saw red and blue flashing lights out the front. I told my friends I had to go. I got up and went to the window, I saw to police officers walking towards my house. I went down stairs and I realised my dad wasn't home. suddenly there was a knock at the door I opened it. "Hello miss, may we come in, we have terrible news." said one of the officers. "Of course" I said worried. We sat on the couch, one of the officers pulled out a notebook while the other started to speak to me. "Miss, what is your name?" he said. "Jazzy Stars" "Well miss Stars, we have some bad news, we are terribly sorry, but your mother, she was found dead in an alley way 3 blocks from your house, and we don't have any suspects yet." I was frozen, still, no movement, no sound. My whole world was burning down. My mother who has been with my for 14 years is now gone, over night. I saw her last night going to work and I never expected to hear my mother was murdered 3 days before my 14th birthday. "W-w-what h-happened?" I said with tears streaming down my now red cheecks. "She was shot 3 times, one in the stomach, one in the chest and one in the head." He replied. "I-I cant believe my mother i-is g-gone." I said. "We are very sorry, your father will be here shortly, he is down at the station to be told, since he found your mother, we have to go, like I said we are truly sorry." With that they got up and left. A few hours later my dad came home, he went to his room and didn't talk to me. I went back to my room and cried for many hours straight than I fell asleep.


That was 2 years ago, I am 16 now and I don't see my dad anymore, well I have a boyfriend now but he hates me, he shows it by abusing me, yes abusing me. My boyfriend hits me and screams at me for no reason, he is always drunk, he smokes and he takes drugs. He has been fired from a lot of jobs, we don't have much money. Alex is home I see his car lights out the front, crap I hope he didn't see my bedroom light on. I turn it off and get in bed, I hear my door open. "I saw your light on Jazzy, your suppose to be sleeping, you stupid slut!!" He said and came over and hit me. "I-I'm sorry" I whimpered. "You are worthless, no wonder everyone you love is gone, you are the one who should have died."  He left my room and I hopped in bed and cried silently to my self. I fell asleep. I wish I could have died.

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