Found Again

I'm Ella and im 14 years old and have been since 1920, the year that Rebekah Mikaelson and Klaus Mikaelson turned me. The night they turned me was my birthday and my family had been killed by vampires. Klaus and Rebekah raised me to be a vampire and taught me everything. Along the way there was also Stefan Salvatore, who I had no choice to like, for Rebekah's love for him forbidden me trying to kill him. I had never liked him because he is part of the reason that I have no family left. Klaus and Rebekah left one night without a word. The secret was out that the vampires were around. Klaus took Rebekah and left leaving Stefan compelled to not remember anything. I was really alone this time and none of the Mikaelson siblings were there to bail me out. After 93 years of searching, I found them and this is how it all goes.


1. Mystic falls

*AUTHORS NOTE!!! I AM NOT TAKING IT STRAIGHT FROM THE TV SHOW, I AM ONLY USING POINTS THAT I AN INTERTWINE INTO MY STORY,(all TV show points will be from season 1 to the end of season 4 i suggest you watch the show) ENJOY!!!!* (ex: Eleana will awlays have her humanity)

It took me over 93 years to find them, and now they are here. I pulled out my documents that I used to track Klaus and Rebekah. These included their address. Of course. Klaus and his mansion, what else to expect. I checked all the windows to see if he was home. Yup. He was talking to Rebekah  more like arguing. I walked up to the front door to get in. When i was in i the house i decided to take a tour of the house to see what mysteries lie with in. I walked down the hall and into the first room which included klauses art and unfinished painting. I walked around the room examining the paintings when i came across one that was different, but when i looked closer i realized it was of me in the firs dress Rebekah had made me the day i turned. i turned the painting over and it had a message, 'My little sister i lost, that i betrayed to save myself, the day i regret ever leaving her' a tear fell on the painting. his feeling for me wasn't hatred, it was love. But that doesnt matter, he left me to clean up the mess that he left. "Having fun going through my things?'' i realized klaus was at the door way. i didn't turn around because i really didn't want to see him. "Looking at all the lies.." i trailed off. "Ella? your here?" he questioned. "Yes Klaus i am here, i am here figuring out a way to make you suffer like you did me 93 years ago" "Ella i never wanted to, you are my sister" he trailed off, i cant believe it! Klaus is showing some heart and it isn't on a peice of canvas. "Our sister klaus" Rebekah said with a tear running down her cheek  "Rebekah!" i shouted and ran to her, she gave me a hug and pulled away. "Your not mad at me? Remember I went with Klaus." I sighed "Rebekah, Klaus took you away from me, he had no heart and he decided to take everything away from me, even the person i hated back then didn't even remember who i was because he made him completely oblivious to his surroundings, not only that had me take the blame for all of your mistakes of leaving body's everywhere, they eventually foud out i was one of you, and they locked me up, i killed over 30 people trying to escape and it was because  of Klaus's selfishness." i said turning to Klaus and glaring. "Ella i never meant it.." i cut him off "No klaus you never mean anything that you say! You always boast about how you are a man of your word but all it is, all it ever was, all...lies" i said and walked out of the room and toward the door, as soon as i touched the door knob Klaus had me pinned to the door. "How dare you come into my home and accuse me of things i never committed " he shouted at me. still pinned to the door i pulled off the knob and stabbed it into his stomach, even know it would have no effect on his health it staggered him long enough for me to send him across the room. "Look back at the past and figure out why im mad at you, maybe then you will figure out why i am holding a grudge. Rebekah stood there and watched as if she liked watching Klaus fly across the room, "Until next time Klaus, Goodbye Rebekah'' i smirked and walked out of the door 


Authors note:

hey guys! So comment your feedback on how you liked the story! Its isn't about anyone i just used Ella because i like the name. Ill post as soon as i can but check out my other stories and if you are a 1D fan feel free to leave a request in the comment box of my "cute 1D imagines" book.



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