You Hermoso Girl

Kendall Anderson is in love with Liam Payne. There are four problems with this. 1)Liam has a girlfriend 2)His girlfriend is Kendall's best friend 3)They are both total opposites and 4)They're also best mates.
Is Liam putting up a wall to hide any types of feelings from Kendall or is she alone in this?


1. Kendall Anderson

Hi lovelies! I'm Kendall Emerald Anderson and I'm 18.
My friends are; Jessica Smith, Madison Stanley, Breanna Malone, One Direction, Eleanor Calder, Danielle Peazer and Perrie Edwards.
My family is a broken one. My sister is 16 and is rebelling. My dad left my mother for a woman three years younger than him but that was when I was 14. Mum is now engaged to Mitchell Spall who has two sons; Reece and Daniel. Daniel and I can't stand each other. We fight all the time and it's gotten so bad I've actually strangled him.
I love; doing random videos with my besties, tanning, listening to music and photography.
I don't like bugs, the dark or tight/closed/small places.
I have blue eyes with black hair. I'm slightly tanned and I'm 5'9"
My nicknames are; Doll, Teddy, Emmy and Anderson.
My birthday is May the 1st.
I'm from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, but when I was 9, we moved to Selby, North Yorkshire. Once I turned 14 and my dad left my mum, we left and moved to London.

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