Another Cinderella Story

My name is Sierra Lonez and well i clean all day except for the couple of hours that im away at school which are the sort of best hours of each day . I get along with everyone at school im the girl that hangs put with everyone but i dont consider myself popular but i do get bullied sometimes and i do have my enemie named Cassie Hogoles she the worst and at home well my mom and dad died when i was little and since im 17 they take care of me and are friends with Cassie well i hope my story had a happy ending im just waiting for my prince.


1. First day

*Sierra Pov*

I had to stay up all night last night cleaning my sisters party that they made like 2 months early and will make it then as well . I stayed up until like 5 in the morning and slept for and hour well because today i get back to school summer break i over and now im going back to school i just hope i dont get bullied anymore i did before but not alot . So for my first day im wearing a peter pan collar sleveles shirt tucked in with high waisted shorts and gray toms. I grab my backpack and go.








.*At school*

i got to school and imediately ran up to my best friend Annebella but i call her Anne .

" Hey Anne how was your trip to canada?" I asked her . Shes from canada and goes thier every summer and doesnt come back until a day we start school so she buys everything over there.

" Really good but not the same without you." She said all sad .we both talked about what we did over the summer and catched up until we heard the bell so we exchanged goodbyes and hugs then left. 

I got to my first class and sat at the back i dont like sitting in the front . Class was starting and girls were talking about some boyband coming here but i wasnt that intrested. When everyone was in thier seats a boy opend the door and sai sorry about being late and sat next to me . He had blue crystal eyes and blonde hair but his roots were kind of taking over half way.

" Hi my names Niall." He said to me 

"hey im Sierra" i told him . The girls in class were just staing at me and giving me mean glares i guess they have a problem.

" Okay class pair up in groups of 2" ms.mcall my teacher said so everyone did as we were told but i a on my phone until someone tapped my shoulder. Niall.

" Um would you like to be my partner?" He asked nicely

" sure" i answered back . 

Turned out we had to do a project that was due next week and had to start planning. Niall was really sweet and i got to know him more and he sat next to me at lunch because his friends were stuck in lunch detention.


*End of school*

I was going towards my car when Niall was screaming my name so i turned around.

" Hey do you wanna come over to my flat later on and get starte on the project?"


 I said an left.

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