Nothing Can Tare Us Apart

This romance novel is set from the beginning of World War 2. 2 couples relationships is are tested when one has to be sent away and in the other relationship one chooses to become a Nazi.


1. Perfect

"Daniel what are you doing?! I thought you loved me!" His face expression didnt even move. He had the same evil look he has had since. "Please dont! I know the old Daniel is still there! The caring, loving one!"

"Silence peasant! Now you will never see my face, or anyone's face ever again.

Then he pulled the trigger.


A couple months before:

The two couples of Susan and Daniel and Rosie and Joey live happily in Germany Europe in February of 1942. Joey and Susan were with the Jew religion and proud of it. Rosie and Daniel were normal everyday Germans. The two couples lived in seperate flats across town from each other but visited quite often. People loved Daniel more than the rest because he was the most caring, loving, and nicest one. He always helped the elderly and especially the sick and children.

One month earlier:

"Isn't this just lovely?" Daniel said while putting his arm around Susan, while they watched the clouds.

"It really is. I hope nothing will ever tare us apart,"

"Nothing will because I know you will always defend me and me the same to you.

"Excatly. I love you Joey."

" I love you to Rosie," They kissed in peace. But what they didnt know , the worse was coming.

Once while they were visiting they got a call from Rosie's parents saying that all Jews must be sent to the trains and they will be sent to the concentration camps to be executed. "What are you serious?" Joey asked terrified. " I guess. But why?" Rosie asked. Daniel started acting quite weird and not his normally friendly way. Then we got a letter.

It stated that all Jews must be ready and packed my 7:30am the next morning for a Nazi to come and take them away to the camps to be executed. If found hiding, will be killed on the spot.

"What are we going to do?!" Susan asked worried. "I dont know. But I don't care, we are going into hiding! They will never find you guys," Rosie said.

"Where will we go?!"  Joey asked.

"In the bookcase upstairs! It leds to stairs and a secret locked room nobody will ever find!"

"Thats a perfect idea! When do we go?"

"Late tonight. We all will,"

Daniel was sitting in the corner just listening.

"Um I can't.," He said.

"What? Why?" Susan asked.

"My mother wants be with her. Im very sorry darling" he said before coming over and kissing her on the head. "which reminds me I need to go. Hopefully I'll see you guys again,"

He gave us each a big warm hug. We were defintley going to miss him.

Late that night we went to the secret room and stayed there.

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