An Awards Ceremony With Taylor Swift


1. The Beginning

I walked up the front path towards the door, and I could feel the excitement rising already. There was the familiar feeling of butterflies dancing around in my stomach and a shaking of my hands in nervous excitement. I don’t know why I was nervous; I had been here millions of times before. Maybe it was the idea that I would be accompanying Taylor to one of the world’s biggest awards ceremonies. I raised hand and pushed the doorbell button and the familiar chime began ringing through the house, followed by the sound of footsteps making their way to the door. I smoothed out my t-shirt, adjusted my skirt and looked up just in time to see the door open and be greeted by Taylor's beaming smile. 'Hey! You’re here! Come in,' Taylor said to me as I smiled at her. 'Yeah, I’m a bit early, sorry about that,' I said to Taylor. 'Oh, don’t be silly, it’s fine. I’ve only been sitting around playing with Mere. We can go out for coffee if you want?' Taylor asked me and returned my smile. 'Yeah, um… that would be great. Thanks.'----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I waited in the hall as Taylor rushed to her room to get changed. As I waited, I looked at the vintage, red rug laid out on the dark oak timber floors and admired the delicate pattern, as I did every time I stood here. She was back in no time and we were out the door in seconds. Headed to our favourite café in Nashville; The Bluebird Café. We had our regular orders of Caramel Lattes and cheesecake and tried to fit in conversation between the numerous fans approaching us to talk to Taylor or get and her autograph. Many of the girls that approached us were either crying, or very close to it. It was amazing to see what such a big influence one person could be. It was even more amazing that I was friends with her. And to think that I took each day spent with her for granted, when some people would die for the chance to spend a few minutes with her. We had known each other for years and saw each other nearly every day, well that was when she wasn’t busy working on a new album to be released. We had a break from the fans and she asked me how school and work was going. I said that it was fine, the school year is nearly over and graduation was only three weeks away and I have saved all my money up to pay for our holiday to France together. We sat for another half an hour and chatted between fans, then decided to head back to her house because, very shortly, the stylists would be arriving to prepare us for the 55th Annual Grammy’s Awards Ceremony…
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