Ellie's Story

This is a sad story about too sisters keep moving to different children homes after Ellie's mother dieds


1. The Crash

"WAKE UP ELLIE WAKE UP!" Cried my little sister Molly, "Mum wants you down stairs NOW!" "Alright, Alright I'm Coming" I got up got dressed and went down stairs." You ready yet?" Mum said "Yes Mum"

I had my earphones in, Then all of a sudden CRASH!!

I woke up, It was so strange I didn't remember anything. I found myself in a hospital when a doctor came in and said " Good your up, We got bad news about your mum, She died in the crash I am so sorry about the lost", Tears filed my eyes, I was speechless, Then a thought came to me MOLLY! Where was she?? She was in the car too!


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