Stay Together & Here Comes Forever

Austin needed time to think now he's coming back to Ally but will Trish make him think Ally doesn't love him anymore


1. Home & Hurt

Goes to Dez's house 

Austin: bye Dez I'm going home today 

Dez: bye Austin 

goes to Austin & Ally's house 

Austin rings the door bell 

Trish opens the door 

Trish: what are you doing here?

Austin: coming home I wanna see Ally and my baby 

Trish: well they don't wanna see you 

Austin: what do you mean 

Trish: Ally doesn't love you anymore 

Austin: what... 

Trish: bye Austin 

Trish shuts the door 

Austin runs off crying 

Goes to Ally's room 

Ally: who was that 

Trish: it was just uh.. A sales person 

Ally: I was hopping it was Austin 

Trish: he's not coming back 

Ally: how could you say that!

Ally runs off

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