My Princess

Zoe is a very sad scared girl... Can Niall help her and give her confidence or even make her feel she is loved or does he make things worse?


1. Help me!

Zoe POV:

Hello my name is Zoe Parker i'm 17 years old. I don't go to school and never see the day light. Every night i know what is going to happen my dad will come in to my room which has no windows and hit me. I have bruses all over my body! I can' do this much longer i am so weak you can see my bones because my dad doesn't give me a lot to eat i think a notier month and i will die. My mom died 2 years ago and ever since my dad doesn't want me and hates me.


Dad POV:

It's early in the evening and it's time to hurt Zoe. I hate Zoe but i don't want to kill her because it's fun hurtig her. I went down to her room locker the door open and took Zoe by her hair pulled her trouthers down and pushed her knee on to the hot oven so it will burn. I had to laugh so badly. Zoe started to scream i just shouted at her and she stoped hahaha so much fun.


Zoe POV:

My dad realy hurt me this time my knee was burning. After he finished he thrue me back in to my room i was realy weak but noticed my dad didn't lock the door so i made a run for it. Luckily my dad didn't notice me running away. I ran till my knee hurt so bad i had to stop i sat in the park on the floor and cryed.



Hey this is my first story i ever wrote so please tell me if you like it so far nest chapter will be up in an 1 hour 

Love you guys all xxxx <3

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