Gift of Destiny

"We came here because the last fairy of Earth is in danger, she doesn't even know it yet but she needs our help." Bloom paused as she placed a hand on Kim's shoulder and looked her in the eyes. "Kim, the last fairy of Earth… she's you." AU


1. Prologue

Gift of Destiny

Summary: "We came here because the last fairy of Earth is in danger, she doesn't even know it yet but she needs our help." Bloom paused as she placed a hand on Kim's shoulder and looked her in the eyes. "Kim, the last fairy of Earth… she's you."AU

Disclaimer: Kim Possible is owned by Disney and Winx Club is owned by Rainbow and Viacom. I, the author, do not own anything nor profit from anything. Please note my personal views and options are not reflected in this work of fan fiction, please read and review.

Author's Note: This story is an AU version of Kim Possible and Winx Club season four for various reasons. In this story Kim is the last fairy of Earth rather than Roxy and the story is set in Middleton. Please note that chapter one starts shortly after the first two episodes of season four of Winx Club. Except, of course the Tree of Life informs them the last fairy of Earth lives in Middleton.


The six fairies known as the Winx Club shuffled down a long corridor leading towards their newly assigned living quarters in the teacher's wing. As the tight knit group of fairies advanced Alfea students stopped and stared, some even whispered to one another inquiring if they had heard about the Winx losing the battle that had happened a couple days before when the Enchantix fairies combated against the Wizards of Black Circle. And untimely lost. But now wasn't the time to worry about the options of young students- no, the Winx had been assigned a brand-new mission and for that they needed all of their strength, wasting it gossip would only bit them latter.

The last fairy of Earth was in great danger, and she didn't even know it yet. And only the Winx could protect her from the treat of the wizards. Failure wasn't an option. For if they did all of fairy kind would pay. Just thinking about that send a series of cold chills down Bloom's spine, the Wizards of the Black Circle where vicious and blood thirsty and she knew if she or any of her friends let down their guard down for even a instance they could and would not hastate to rip off her fairy wings and dispose of her. After all that is what they did to the Earth fairies centuries ago. The red head's heart began to beat faster as images from Faragonda's presentation flash across her mind. If she hadn't had Flora standing two feet in front of her Bloom would have walked into the wall instead of the door.

"Are you okay Bloom?" Stella asked as she plopped down on the couch. The bubby blonde princess leaded forward slight as she looked at her space-y friend with great concern.

Bloom sat down beside her and with a heavy sigh started to explain, "I was just thinking about the last fairy of Earth." She paused for a moment as she got up from her seat and started walking towards the window that face the court yard. Bloom's blue eyes fell upon a group of four friends around the age that she pegged the last fairy of Earth to be. The four friends where smiling and laughing as if their biggest worry was what they were going to wear to the back to school dance- and truthfully, it probably was. From behind the princess of Domino her friends watched and quite waited for her to continue. "She has no idea how much danger she is in or what could happen if the Wizards of the Black Circle find her….she probably doesn't even know magic is real."

Stella placed a light hand on her best friend's shoulder, "Kind of brings back some memories, huh?"

Slowly Bloom pulled her eyes off the glass and gave a small nod and in response Stella gave a small smile. "Like Bloom said, the last fairy of Earth is in danger so it would probably be best if we start moving. If we don't there is a good chance that the wizards may find her before us."

Aisha nodded as she stood, "Tecna has a good point. You wouldn't happen to know where Middleton is, now would you Bloom?"

As Bloom when to open her mouth to answer, Stella cut in. "But most importantly what season is it on Earth? I would hate to pack for winter and learn it's fall."

Musa gave a side grin, "Why? You probably will buy a new wardrobe once we get there anyways." Stella crossed her arms and turned away from her chuckling friends. "C'ome we better get packin' Earth awaits."

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