circle of love (one direction)

I never promised you a happy ending. You never said that you wouldnt make me cry. But summer love will keep us warm, long after our autumn goodbye. Every summer Has a story.


1. Chapter 1

The thought of no longer being in high school frightened me a bit. I'd no longer be able to see my friends for many reasons. My best friend Rainbow would only be with me for the summer and then she'd be gone. For a fact it would hurt the most to lose her out of all my friends.

  Rainbow and I have literally known each other since kindergarten. She would always beat me up for my toys, untill we became friends. It all feels as if it was just yesterday.    Tears fell from my face making me realize I was now crying. I took a good look at the picture I was adoring and smiled. Rainbow was eating a cookie while hugging me, in the picture. All our memories will always have a speacial place in my heart for ever.   Our lifes would no longer be the same after today, even though I wished nothing would change. I guess that's a part of growing up though, you just cant always depend on your friends. Friends arent always going to be by your side, no matter how much you wish for it. But when you have friends like mine, distance isnt a problemI think?   *** "Marilyn you look beautiful". My moms eyes lit up, followed along with her long gorgeous smile.   I twirled in my black long shimmery dress to let my family get a good look at me. My grandmas smile went from happy to sad, I didn't quite understand why though. As for my mom she was to busy being emotional over me looking so "beautiful". It was like my mom to be over exaggerating, nothing new to me.   "Nana.. what's wrong?"    "Your all grown up". Nana tried so hard to keep her tears in, but failed to at the end.   "Aww, you should be happy". I hugged her for awhile and then placed a kiss on her soft warm cheek.   *** This was now the moment that we'd all go our separate ways for good. The tears threatened to come out but I refuse to ruin my make up that took me hours. All of the graduates stood in line waiting to be called for there diplomas.   From across the room I saw Rainbow in her light bluedress looking gorgeous as usual. Her green eyes looked even more beautiful today for some reason. Rainbow waved at me when she finally noticed that I was admiring her beauty.   "Marilyn Lands, we we're told you'd sing for us".    The words that came out of our principles mouth left me shocked. I was in no good mood to sing for the whole school, let alone for the students parents too. The chills ran down my spine, making me want to run of of the room.    "Marilyn.. we know your here". The principle spoke again.   I swallowed my fear once more and talked myself into singing for the school for one last time. For a moment I thought about what song I'd sing and why I was doing this. I then told myself I was doing it for every one in here who loved and admired my voice, especially Rainbow.    Ms. Jackson handed me the microphone and made her way off the stage. The crowd stared at me as they waited for me to start singing.   "Hi.."   "Is there a speacial song you guys.. wouldl-ike me to sing?"   "Speacial request?" I asked     I asked impatiently waiting for someone to yell.   When no one answered my question, I thought about the song Rainbow and I would always sing. Judging by the face Rainbow had I knew she had an idea of what I was going to sing.   "This song is mine and rainbows favorite".   The crowd smiled at me as I continued to speak again.   "It's called "begin again" by taylor swift."   *** ·One Week Later·   Rainbow and I we're having such a great time in los Angeles. So far we've been to a couple cool parties and tonight we'd be going to another one. Rainbow has already met a guy which really isnt a surprise, she's always been a guy magnet. As for me it's not so easy for me to trust a guy so I hardly ever go on dates.   Rainbow insisted on me to get a summer love, but that really didn't interest me. Why fall in love for the summer and then fall out of love when its over? That would just be pointless .   "Marilyn what are you going to wear tonight?" Rainbow asked while taking another bite of her donut.   "I'm not sure yet."   "Lets go shopping?" She asked.   "Heyy that's a great idea". I looked at her smiling like never before.   *** "Woah" Rainbow stared at me with her mouth open.   "What?" I looked at her confused by her reaction.   "You look amazing, you have to wear that dress". Rainbows mouth was still open, she soon realized and then laughed.   "Are you sure?"   I looked at myself in the mirror and twirled to get a good look at my whole body. The red see threw sparkly dress hugged my curves So tight. Rainbow stared at me some more waiting for me to say something. I let my hair down and looked myself in the mirror one last time.   "Marilyn that one is perfect". Rainbow clapped in excitement.    "But isnt it to .. you know?"    "Sexy?" Rainbow giggled.   "Yea.." I wasn't so convinced with this dress, but rainbows compliments were making it hard for me.   "Don't you want to look that good?" She asked.   "Well yea I do".   "Then buy it". Rainbow playfully winked.   *** As rainbow got dressed for the party I patiently waited by doing my hair and makeup. I had decided on going light on my makeup and going all out on my hair by curlying it. I burnt myself a couple times while curlying it but that didn't stop me from finishing off my hair.    A few minutes after being done with my hair Rainbow came out from the bathroom. Her crop top was so hipster, I loved everything about her outfit. Rainbows hair went straight down her back, I could tell by her sparkly chest that she applied some shimmer to them.   "You look stunning!" I yelled.   "Do you like my heels?" She kicked her leg up in the air laughing.   "Oh my god to die for". I laughed with her.   "Now you go get ready".   I made my way into the bathroom with my dress and heels in my hand. I quickly changed into my outfit and took a good look in the mirror. Again I felt so beautiful, my red lipstick brought out my blue eyes for some reason. They shined just like the stars at night, and for once I loved that.   When I walked out of the bathroom Rainbow couldn't help but stare at me. I danced around the room like an Idiot laughing but she didn't mind at all.   "Wait we need music." She ran to her stero and turned it up.   I wasn't familiar with the song but I danced to the beat anyway. Rainbow grabbed her video camera and began to film the both of us going crazy. I shimmed my way into the camera and began to laugh.   "Freaken Marilyn" Rainbow laughed.   "Go ! Go! Go! Rainbow". I took the video camera from her and began to film as she "breaked" danced.   Rainbow rolled around the floor like an idiot laughing, to her that was break dancing. To me that was just rolling on the ground like a pig. Seconds later she got back on her feet and turned the video camera off.   "Haha we should go now". I grabbed the keys from the drawer and made my way outside.   *** The party was packed with a whole bunch of drunk teenage girls and boys. Rainbow quickly took a shot right when she got there, which meant she'd be getting hammered. I was debating weather on drinking tonight or not, but it was hard.   "Hey I'll be back". Rainbow walked off into the crowd of people, leaving me behin.   I stood by myself on the board walk of the beach alone from every one else. For some reason I wasn't in the mood to be around drunks and little sluts. Tonight I wanted to keep to myself and just have a cool sober night.   "Hey" an unfamiliar voice spoke.   I turned around to see who that unfamiliar voice was only but found no one.   The unknown voice came from the party but echoed all the way here. It still didn't change the fact that it was creepy.   I quickly walked back to the party that was now even more crowded. There we're guys practically dry humping girls on the dance floor and they we're enjoying it. I was surprised to know that none of them had poped a boner yet.    "Having fun".   "Not really." I said    I turned around to face the person that was talking to me. The boy was beautiful, he had hazel lovely eyes and awesome hair. His style was ridiculously hot, I couldn't help but stare.   "Me neither".    "Whys that?" I curiously asked.   "Can't find my girlfriend". He shrugged his shoulders dissapointed.   "Hope you find her". I left him standing in the middle of the crowd by himself.   When he told me he couldn't find his girlfriend I automatically knew I shouldnt be talking to him. His girlfriend could of walked up to us any time and that probably would of cost problems between the two of them. The last thing I wanted to do was ruin a relationship between to people tonight.   ***   Everyone was now starting to leave the party only to go to an open bonfire at the beach. I searched every where for Rainbow but didn't find her. It took me a couple minutes to realize Rainbow was long gone from the party.   It worried me for awhile to know that Rainbow wasn't any where to be seen or picking up her phone. I soon brushed it off and walked to the bon fire to see how it was going.   The bonfire was mostly full of girls, there was only three guys joining them. Me being so noisy I went to t0 join the girls and three guys. I didn't realize I was making so much noise when I walked onto the beach, girls stared at me with their mouths dropped open.   "Is this u-mm.. open to the public?" I asked.   A tall blonde pretty girl quickly answered my question before anyone else could. "Of course, come join us".   I was relieved to know that I hadn't embarrassed myself by walking into this bonfire like I knew everyone. The blonde girl invited me to sit next to her and her puppy. She put her black puppy on her lap to make room for me to sit down.   "My name is Perrie btw". She smiled.   "I'm Marilyn".   "Cool, sort of the same right?" She laughed and looked at me for awhile.   "Noo". I shyly shrugged my shoulders.   "Your really pretty".    "Thanks". I smiled once more.   "Do you have a boyfriend?" She looked embarrassed to ask me that question, but it sure didn't stop her from doing so.   "No sadly I don't." I felt my cheeks turn red.   "Aww, would you like me to introduce you to some of my boyfriends mates?" Perrie playfully asked.   It took me awhile before answering her question, I thought about it for quite some time. Her question kept repeating in my head, I knew if I'd say yes I wouldn't be able to take that back.   "Sure".    "How about tomorrow?" She asked.   "Depends what time?"    "Noon? At my flat." She quickly answered.    "Flat?" I was confused.   "Yea". Perrie smiled   "Umm..?"   "Oh I'm sorry, your n--."   "British?" I finshed off her sentence.   "Yes British". Perrie smiled once again, trying to be polite.   "By flat you mean?"   "House babe". Perrie laughed at my retarded question.   "Babe?" Her way of speaking made me feel a little weird.   "Ops.. it's just a way of .. um well saying honey, but I say babe instead". She explained to me her british slang and convinced me to get used to it.   *** It began to get dark so I tried walking to Rainbows house before it got even darker. I heard loud foot steps behind me but refused to turn back and see who it was. My throat began to get dried from all the walking I was doing so I stopped at a mini market.   "Miss well be closing in five minutes". A man stopped me from walking in.   "Now it's four, please move". I pushed him out of my way and entered the store to quickly get my water.   As I walked up to the line of people paying there things I soon remembered I had no cash on me. When it was my turn to pay my things I explained to the cashier that my purse was at home. I promised her I'd come back and pay her tomorrow but she refused to believe me.   "I'm sorry miss.. I cant do that". She couldn't even look me in the eyes when we were speaking to each other.   I gave up on trying to convince her to let me have the water and walked out. My throat was hurting even more from how dried it had became from my long walk to Rainbows. Swallowing my saliva made it hurt even more instead of helping.   "Here".    I was handed a water bottle from some tall curly haired handsome guy. He even opened the water bottle for me, not going to lie it made me feel speacial.    "Thank you so m---"    "Drink some water first, then you can thank me". He said in a loud raspy voice.   After I managed to drink the whole water bottle, don't know how but I did. I looked at the handsome boy who was still patiently standing besides me waiting. His green eyes kept me from speaking, I was admiring how beautiful they looked. I thought Rainbows eyes we're the most gorgeous ones I've seen, but his took the award for most sparkling.   "Thank you". I shyly smiled.   "Your welcome love".    Judging by his tone of voice I could tell he was british. His way of speaking was some what similar to Perries.   "I'm Marilyn".    "And I'm Harrey". He smiled, his smiled seemed so playful yet so flirty.   "I should get back to walking". I tossed the water bottle in the trash and continued my long walk.   "Wait!" Harry shouted.   I quickly turned around to see what it was that he wanted. "Yea?"   "Would ya like a ride?"    Oh yes yes I'd like to take a ride on you, I whispered under my breath hoping he didn't hear. "Yes please if you don't mind."   ***   Harry pulled into Rainbows drive way, I quietly and quickly removed my seat belt. He turned to look at me trying not to laugh, I ignored his quiet giggles. When I tried to open the door for myself Harry insisted on opening it for me so I allowed him to.   "Really you didn't have to".   "I know, but I wanted too." He smirked.   He walked me up to the front door and we exchanged numbers. Harry punched his number in my phone and I did the same with his. After a short period of time we silently stared at each other, admiring one an other.   "Your beautiful". He looked directly into my eyes, causing me to blush.   "Thanks". That was the only word that stumbled to come out of my mouth. I couldn't think of anything else to say to this beautiful guy.   "Will I see you again?" He genuinely asked.   Before I could answer Rainbow swung the door open causing me to jump into Harrys arms, due to the mini heart attack she gave me.   "Oh my fucking gosh! Harry fucking styles!!"    *** Uhh ohh dun dun ! Most fan fic authors like to call endings like this "Cliff hangers" but I like to call them "wwhd" what will Harry do.. Any who my little freaks ;) Mhmm I sees you guys on twitta & ig running one direction accounts sharing naughty pics, & your naughty thoughts. Comment ya know? Just don't read.. let's talk babes xx. Start a conversation! I don't mind if y'all vote too. Read & share beautifuls. Anyways my 18th birthday is tomorrow I'm super excited ♡ I hope I get a follow from my idol.. probably won't happen but ill keep hoping. You can follow me on twitta @lovinq_liam_1d .. Stay beautiful xx.
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