What I call Dad -.-

Anahi (ana-ii) Malik. Yep. Daddy = Zayn Malik, and mom is Rhea Morales. Crazy. Well when Anahi lives in london, her parents decide its time to move to the states where Rhea has lived. Atlanta. Anahi was happy because in london she didnt fit it. It wasnt her style. But in Atlanta it is.


1. Moving! Finally :D

*I Dont wanna give you the wrong impression i need love and affection* 

I woke up yo my alarm singing my 6th favorite song! But a new Monday -___- . Great. Im Anahi. Im 14, live in london with my dad zayn and mom anahi. Yes the grand Zayn from One Direction! He's hardly home but now he is. I look at the time to see its 7:30. Great...I have to be gone by 7:40. I rush up out of bed...I may have been to fast only to have a huge headache moment...Owwie... 

      I run to the closet putting on some ripped jeans, a plaid shirt that one size larger than my original size, and my amazing exclusive know jordans!!!!!! But here in london it isnt their style..The style here is fancy and elegant. Girly or straight up Boyish. Im in between. Nor girly nor boyish. I look at the time 7:34. That was quick now...TO THE BATHROOM! I ran in did everything combed out my brown wavy hair and did not put any make up. I run to grap my mini backpack and ran downstairs. "Hey An need a ride?" My dad/Zayn says. REALLY SO I RUSHED FOR NOTHING. "no thanks."  He nods "Bye have fun at school since its your last day." He says. We where moving to the US. Finally i leave London. I thought i had to wait till i was 18! But no...My mom was out getting some more boxes to pack some more stuff.. So now here comes school..

<x> hi so this is a new story..i gave up on the last one :/ so i thought of this one...LIKE PLEASE! thanks you ^.^ 

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