Small Bump- A Harry FanFic

Changed identity, Claire finds a new life. With the thought of every one thinking she's dead, she seeks for a new life. Should she tell Harry, the father of her baby, about what happened 4 months ago in a hotel room?


6. Do you do drugs?

" Excuse me?" i asked.

" Do you do drugs?" He asked again.

" Louis! I'm pregnant!" i whisperdely yelled.

" Right. But one time wont hurt.'' he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and walked away.

" WHO WANTS DRUGS?!" Louis suddenly yelled. Everyone stood quite. 

" I'm up for it.." Zayn smirked. Of course him.

" What about you Harry?" Louis asked. Everyone knew Liam wouldn't do it. But who knows Harry and Niall?

" I'm up But only this one time!'' Harry smirked. Niall just stood there, shook his head, and walked next to me.

" Lets go Claire, if you breathe in the smoke, it might effect the baby." Niall smiled, grabbed my hand, and we headed outside.

" Thanks for caring.." I smiled and kissed his cheek. A deep shade of red appeared on his cheeks.

" I'll always care." He smiled and rubbed my stomach.

 We got in his car and drove off.

Nando's? Who am i kidding? its Niall.

 He opened the car door for me and we went inside the restaurant.

I watched as he looked closely at the menu and rubbed his chin. I giggled to myself.

" So, hows Justin doing?" Niall asked, breaking the silence.

" He's doing fine. Um, he's going on tour next week." I shrugged and smiled. " What about you and your girlfriend?'' i asked.

" Girlfriend?" He questioned.

" Yeah." I smiled.

" I dont have one.." Pain suddenly struck into his eyes.. I felt so bad!

'' Sorry.." I smiled and put my hand on top of his. He looked up at my eyes and looked down at my lips. He licked his own lips and then looked back at my eyes.

 He sort of stood up, and slowly leaned in. My head creeped forward also. And then it happened. Our lips touched. I quickly pulled back.

" Not here." He smirked.

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