Adventure Time

Makenna Hanson doesn't know what happened, all she remembers is the sound of her little sisters laugh, her moms smile, and grinning boy that she knew she had strong feelings for. She doesn't remember her best friends Jack and Finn Harries. And she doesn't remember the girl that's lived down the street from her since she was born. Natalie Costello, the girl that has been her best friend longer than Finn and Jack. She doesn't remember, but she wants to.


1. Something's Missing


The first question in my mind when I had woken up was-

'Why do I have a half-eaten chip in my hair?'

I didn't wonder why I had a massive headache, and I didn't wonder why the house around me was burned to a crisp. I didn't even wonder why I didn't know my own name.

But at the time I was pretty sure it had started with an 'M'.

I was lying there for about ten or so minutes before sirens sounded in the distance.

I was found in a curled up position in my family basement. Well, that's what the police had told me at least. They said that 'regretfully', my family had died in a tragic fire that had been started from an unknown cause. My little sister, Issie, who was six, had survived the fire. She had been sleeping at her friends house that night.

Its been two weeks since the fire an I have yet to see Issie.

The police had wanted to put Issie and I into the Foster Care system, but since I was turning eighteen in two weeks they said I was old enough to provide things for myself. But Issie was stuck in the system, temporarily adopted by an American-turned-British family.

Personally, I just think they're in it for the money.

I've never met my sister- I mean I have met her. But that was before the fire, and I don't remember anything from before the fire. I don't remember Issie, and I don't remember my family.

But I guess that's for the best, really. I mean if I don't remember them than I can't really miss them. I don't know anything to miss about them. I don't remember my mother Sarah. And I don't remember my father Jeff. All I really know about them is what they looked like, because of the one picture of them that I have.

For the two weeks I've been in the hospital, nursing a sprained wrist and a minor burn on my left arm.

That's when Natalie Costello visited my hospital room.

From the outside she's not overwhelming to take in, average height, big green eyes, thin eyebrows, messy brown hair tied back in an equally messy bun, and a sort of round face. Oh, and she was wearing a red striped shirt and black skinny jeans.

 What was weird was that she was holding a small doll in her hands.

"Oh, um." She stopped in front of my bed and blushed scratching her wrist, "I didn't think you'd be awake..." 

I studied her with mild interest. She looked familiar, like I had seen her in a dream that I had forgotten about...

"Uh," She cleared her throat nervously and tentatively sat on the chair beside the bed, "Last time you were at my house you forgot this... I thought you might want it. Just a little piece of home I guess..." She handed me the small doll that she had clutched in her hands. "I know that Finn gave it to you, and its not actually from your mom or dad, but it should help jog some of your memories..."

I looked down at the small doll that was in my hand, it was made of paper mache, and had brown hair sprouting from its head, a red shirt and blue pants, with a face drawn on in black marker.

"Uh. Thank you..."

"Natalie, my names Natalie Costello," She paused, "We're sort of best friends- well, we were anyways..."


"Yeah..." She trailed off and the room was left in an semi-awkward silence.

Could I believe her? I mean, I don't think anybody would lie about being my best friend. But I don't really know who to believe now.

I didn't even know if I even had any friends, and if I did, would I even be friends with Natalie? She seemed really- awkward, to say the least. Like she didn't know what to say, but then again, if my friend had amnesia and didn't remember me I wouldn't know what to say, either.

"You're getting discharged now," My head shot up to look at Natalie and she smiled shyly, "They said for me to pick you up, you're gonna be staying with me for a while."

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "How old are you, anyway?"

Natalie stood up and hoisted her bag up her arms mumbling something.


"I'm 20."

My eyes widened, holy crap she didn't look twenty.

"Now get your arse up, and get ready. We got some assholes to see."

She laughed as I tripped over my feet trying to get out of the bed fast enough. I was a little eager to get outside.

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